December 31, 2007

welcome to the year 2008!

when the clock strikes twelve tonite, people all over the world cheers and wish each other happy new year. for some this is no more than turning to a new diary or just a change of calender. other may take is a bit serius by taking sometimes to do wut we called muhasabah diri and make a new wishlist.As for me, i pretty much symbolized the new year as a "better tomorrow".and i 'll do better for this year for sure. and that is my promise! nothing will stop me but HIM and i am not going to quit easily! leave the 2007 behind, not try to forget it but to take some as a guide.

my wish for this 2008.erm. not worth mentioning kot. let fariez keep it as a thing that she the only one knows.hehe.


December 30, 2007

kindness will rejoices our heart

ni bukan iklan syampoo Rejoice ye.he.
kadang2 manusia yang mmg tak perfect nie slalu lupe macam mane nak behave ngn orang. die bile bercakap, dia guna perkataan yang tak sedap di dgr.buat org yang mdgr rase tak sedap hati.die tahu senyum itu sedekah, tapi die slalu lupe nk senyum dan bile deal ngn orang die bermasam muke.buat org sekeliling rase doing teamwork, die tahu sabar itu separuh dari iman.nape die tak sabar?? owh. mungkin die lupe..

seriusly, i'm not trying to say any bad things about sape2. sume2 ni pun imply on diri fariez sendiri.realictically enuff, manusia tak sempurna, but it is within our ability to control the way we behave toward friends, lecturers, libarians, and even ngn makcik2 and pakcik kt bank ABC(Arab BAnking Corpoation-Egypt). i am here to remind not others only,but me, politely,give them a smile ( dun underestimate the power of a smile), be patient while dealing with them.we even want people to treat us the same rite? so why dun we start it first. and if they act like uh-menyakitkn hati. just be patience. (key of victory is patience )

ape y fariez tulis.adalah ape y fariez rase..satu lagi y fariez rase.. kalu kite tak layan org dengan baek.erm. tak rase pape2 ke.. takde ke rase cam satu perasaan y kurang best.actually, betul tau. klu kite buat jahat kat org, mesti kite rase tak best. and if we do kindness to others it will back rejoices our heart.kalu sape2 la y nmpak fariez cam hampir2 hilang kesabaran, ketuk2 je die sedar sket.he. sy pun manusia jugak. lupe tue jadi perkara y sinonimdgn diri.he

so, konklusi nya di sini. simple sgt kesimpulannye.ketika berurusan dengan makcik kat bank ABC tue, ingat2 kn la diri supaya bersabar, sedekahkn senyuman, and cakap dengan lemah lembut serta merendahkn suara.hehehe. klu die marah2 pun sabar je ek.

"peace NO war "

December 27, 2007

i am doing it.

actually, im searching for an information about about my histology assingment.which i dun even decide any specific tittle yet. owh.okie. i forget we do have one, which now i dun think it is a good topic to discuss on.On last practical class i thougt of this " how smoking affect our respiratory system?" and seriusly, i was really keen to noe, how epithelium lining of the respiratory look like in smoker.

so then, i said to the lecturer, how about epithelium in smoker.and guess wut, she tought that it was a nice idea to make an assigment and to present on.ina, fadz just agreed.but.. after almost an hour doing my best searching for it on the net, i hear my self saying'' why they can agreed with this such owh-out-of subject idea"none of the website taht i found have any pic of destructed epithelium by nicotin or even none of it talk about smoker epithelium cell.or maybe im just not that good on finding it.mungkin la kot..

and now i end up, blogging. it doesn't mean that i am giving up. just taking some rest.

"i am only one, but still am one. i cannot do everything. therefore, i will not refuse to do something that i can do" Helen Keller.

December 23, 2007

mimpi itu mainan tidur

nothing much today, aside from me berehat2. Actually, last nite i was thinking of doing something smart like study physio after subuh.but apparently, after subuh, i cudn't stop the desire to continue on my was my first time meeting my dad in dreamland after 27th Nov, which a day that i will remember forever.

amazingly,each seconds in the dream was so real.but after i woke up.i hardly recall it but some. i was back to my childhood.he sent me to school, and waiting for me at noon. i really saw him. he was there with his bike. and smile when i reach him. at nite, he asked me to picit2 his arms.and.. doe.. i cant remember more than that.but, seriusly, the dream make everything alive. i even forgot dad was gone.

owh,well. i blogged bout him again. yup.i guess..i shud stop.
this morning, ona wake me up bnyak kali. again n again.and i said."okie2 frz bgun" but i moving not an inch.bukn slh head was stuck to the pillow.and guess what make me wake up. he. when ona said. "fariez jom makan, sy masak nasi goreng n ikan goreng". and she make a jug of fresh oren too.

ps..i just finished the crossword. a task given by Anas. but the boxes tak siap lagi.ingt nk tnye anas how to do kang anas terkejut lak. dak nie punye la lame cuti. hari nie baru buat.

he. i had a suet dream. while nani bermimpi ngeri.die mimpi kne tangkap ngn israel.hehe. ngeri2.nani2..

December 21, 2007

you have nowhere to turn but to ALLAH

fariez ade satu short story to share. maybe some of us had heard it before. i just read it.and the story goes like this .suatu hari, seorang lelaki.msuk ke masjid.when it was not the time for prayer yet,die nampak seorang kanak2 lelaki.sedang berdoa. with proper focus. lelaki tue tunggu sampai kanak2 tue abes berdoa. lelaki tue pergi ke arah kanak2 tu, memberi salam dan bertanye." kamu nie anak siapa??

kanak2 tue tundukkn kepala.and suddenly, tear rolled down.membasahi pipinya.perlahan2 die angkat kepala. dan mula bersuara. "sy anak yatim.takde punya mak.tiada ayah.."sebak lelaki tue bile dgr jawapan anak kecil tersebut.lalu die bertanya lagi."adakah kamu sudi menjadi anak pakcik??"

(okie,nie part y fariez suke)

kanak2 tue pun bertanye semula kat pakcik tu." kalau saya lapa,adakah pakcik akan beri saya makanan?"

" akan bg."

"kalau sy takde pakaian, dan pakcik akan belikan?"

"pakcik akan bagi kamu pakaian"

"dan bile saya sakit pakcik akan sembuhkn sy??"

"tapi,pakcik tak mampu"

"kalau sy meninggal, pakcik akan kembalikn hidup kepada sy?"

"itu mustahil anakku.."

then,kanak2 itu bersuara lagi."kalau macam tue,pakcik tinggalkn sy.kepada DIA yang menciptakan saya. sy tahu. DIA akan memberi petunjuk kepada saya.DIA yang memberi sy makanan dan minuman. jika sy sakit DIA y sembuhkan. dan hanya lah pd NYA sy brgantung harap..

the end.

the moral of this sad tale is that one shud accept what we have been given in our for me, bende nie bukan senang nk terima.fariez tak dapat pun nk control air mata bile teringat that special person in my life was no longer here for me. but then,fariez pikir balik. i shud be like that little boy. berlapang dada dengan apa yang ALLAH tentukan.for ALLAH knows what is the best for me. berdoa hanya padaNYA.for ALLAH always be there for me.

"as long as nite has an end,pain will gone.crises will pass.hardship will disappear"

to all my dearest friends.who r there,when i am down.who keeps remind me to keep my faith on ALLAH. who never stop from telling me to be strong. who provides tissues to wipe my tears away.who cares bout me.who asks me everyday, how am i doing.well, i am here to say.u all really mean a lots! there s nothing in this world would make me able to pay u guys.May ALLAH bless korang selalu.and may you guys find an easy way in searching HIS paradise in dis very short little life.

December 17, 2007

not a good day

10.00 am :in the lecture hall.najah "kak friez pakai beg baru!!,eee apsal sume pkai beg mcm nie.tolongla?" meanwhile, i felt like all the gals are looking at me.and hotness was on my face.fariez cover2 n said"biarla."n wihout thinking.grab the bag. make my way out from that lecture hall.charateristic of me.soo noticeable.wut a hot-head.smpai kt lecture B,bru frz it one of merajuk manisfestation??.

a minutes msg
najah"akak!apela jgnla ceni.adoi2..."
frz" tak la.ketuk kang.da2.blaja2.he"
Mia"frz mrjuk ek?'
me.talking to myself"frz mrjuk ke??certainly noooot.
frz sepatutnye stay je kt lecture A td kn .
pastu buat do noe je.ampes.

1.34pm :pathology lecture.otak sy da saturated.n i can just feel the pressure slowly increasing in my msg receive.takn najah lagi?? open."teki teki hr ade 3 kpl,4 tgn,5 kaki.soalan nye.siapakah sy.frz begin to reply."wa susah la klu.." of batery.ces.

4.54 pm :on the hp."eh nape wall paper nie da tukar laen"tryin to change it.
open gallery."huh.mane memory card"
open the hp.the place which the memory card suppose to be is empty.
"mane pegi memory card nie.ble hilang??plik."ces.

"bersabarla hati.sesungguh nya sabar itu separuh dari iman"

December 14, 2007

long-distance runner

...dan dia terus berlari.lari.lari.sekuat hatinya.

dia tinggalkan semua yang ada di belakang.

kata nya. "takkan aku toleh ke belakang lagi".

dan bila terjatuh, dia akan bangun semula.

biar berkali-kali jatuh tersadung.dia tetap akan bangun.

katanya. "takkan pernah aku berhenti".

dia atur langkah nya walau penuh dengan kepayahan.

lelah tidak dia hiraukan.

matlamat nya satu.garisan penamat.

sebab katanya."ada yang menantiku di sana"

"biar gagal diri ini selepas usaha,bukan gagal kerana lalai dan leka"

December 10, 2007

A nite to remember

i guess it must be an unforgetable day to Fatma for it was her engangement day.The engagement party was grand.unlike us in malaysia, we tend to make it simple.even sarah,die cakap,abang die tak buat pun majlis btunang. erm,maybe some do make a party or wut we called kenduri kn.but is it as grand as this??okie,bout the party..where shud i start.the party supose to start at 7 pm. but Fatma had told us to come later as the party won't start on time.we come at about 9 o'clock. i expected that we r going to miss the party for coming that late.but guess wut.kitorang antara y awal tau.

about 11 baru start.(afta kitorang da hampir mati kebusanan) and there was Fatma with her future hansome hubby. Fatma looked so much like a princess in that dress .and might i add ,she lookes soo in love.the sounds of music was in air,everyone was full of smiles.actually, the party was all about dancing.Fatma n Saad,the flirting couple dance like nobody was wacthing .gee. i really felt like i was invited to a ball of fairy tales.he.sempat lg fariez n sara berangan..huhu they dance non-stop for hours.plik je kn hari bertunang buat majlis tari menari.they played lagu arab,which enuff say can make u move yur body. n make me felt tachycardiac. we hardly can tue sgt kuat. sampai ,kitorang end up talking by typing on the handphone.meanwhile ade la selit2 sket acara laen, like sarung cincin,salam2, n tangkap2 gmbar.

1 am baru diorang stop continue with potong cake.cake sgt tak leh blah. 3 tingkat ke 4 tingkat.tak pasti. nie baru btunang.n the waiters started to serve the food. no nasi minyak okie. ade 2 pieces of cakes.bun with tuna. bun with firah. pastue ade kueh2 arab sket.i ate all. :P
nway, i'm no good in telling story and since pics tell more than words, i think i just let u guy njoy the snaps.da~

December 03, 2007

when the light off

50 more pages to go.i'm going to do my best for tomorow paper!!pathology.chaiyok2 fariez! alhamdulillah,i dun hate this subject.n credit to Dr Mervat,who's the most elegent dr of phatology department for make me in love in this subject. huhuhu.actually.i got a msg from my dearest friend.die pun ade paper esok. the subject, fiqh zawaj wat talaq.dun asked me wut is it.cause i dun noe either.

the msg sound like this"..dugaan..api takde.lilin pun takde"lol. time camni la nk black-out kn.sgt la dugaan.n die tak abis bace lagi.n die cakap lg."i'm using this hp for lite"ish2. wut die punye situation??no lilin.with banyak bende nk bce n nk kne,n i used to close my eyes during recall-wut-u-hv-read section.. that case. im will take no time to make me bum bum.n zzzzzzz..
lucky die to have hp. mine.baru je out of batery.he.out of credit too. lucky me.ade api.he.alhamdulillah3.

okie2.gtg.smbung bace.

November 16, 2007

learning is fun!

wow. im starting a blog! cudn't believe it.
it's really fun to learn a new things..
and wut i feel at dis moment is a good feeling.
a feeling that i called. SATISFACTION.