December 27, 2010

C for cinnamon buns

yeah! finally...seperti yang sering di katakan usaha itu tangga kejayaan.

Selama ni selalu je berangan nak buat try buat cinnamon buns ni,(saya tak mampu nak pergi cinnabon, kene belajar baking jugak ) ngeee.gembira nya saya. nak tahu jadi ke tak, tanya housemates fariez eh.

Fariez kurang rajin nk upload gambar, eh ade 2 gambar ni je..itu pun ambil dari  twitter.

Surely, it's far from perfection but well, i guess.. it's not bad for a beginner.kan kan.kalau bukan diri sendiri yang nak cheerish diri sendiri, who else will?? so.. yeah! Good job Fariez *pat self on back*

this entry will be on new labels: baking just to encourage myself to do more :)

owh, u wanna bake your own cinnabon? go ahead babeh! click me

December 25, 2010

Team in criminals

Malas nya nak type. tapi nak update.tapi malas. tapi nak update T_T. Make it short la.
  • Haritu sibuk pergi cari hadiah untuk birthday nana.
  • Esoknya sibuk masak kek untuk birthday nana.
  • Esoknya pulak, buat surprise kat Nana, belanja Nana makan kat Coffee Rostery.
  • Malam tu ramai-ramai tidor rumah Fariez.
  • esoknya, beakfast sama-sama sambil bermotivasi dan berkongsi-kongsi semangat.
  • Hari ni bernasib baek sbb tak kena marah waktu clinical round :)
  • Malam tadi training netball.

Fariez da tahu da kenapa Aimi ade sekali dalam mimpi Fariez hari tu, sbb nya fariez kene submit assignment kat Aimi last week. tapi lupa laa!!! baru teringat pagi tadi,bila Aimi ingatkan.Rasa bersalahnya .lega da siapkan assgment.Sorrryy Aimi!

December 21, 2010


dua tiga hari ni, hanya mimpi-mimpi ngeri je bertandang.

kemuncaknya pagi tadi, bila org israel bertubi-tubi menghantar serangan dari udara.dari jauh fariez nampak,awan kelabu berkepul-kepul memenuhi ruang angkasa, letupan yang maha dasyat memaksa fariez lari dari situ. fariez lari.pelik aimi pun ada sekali. kitorang lari sama-sama. sambil-sambil fariez keluarkan hp, cuba contact mak. tapi panggillan tak sampai.

Terkebil-kebil waktu terjaga dari tidur.igt nak msg mak. tapi hp takde coverage.siap-siap pergi kelas.Nasib baek ada baju kurung yang da siap iron..kalau tak, for sure fariez sambung tidur, konon-konon nak tahu ape la ending mimpi tadi.(ceh, ada hati. padahal masa mimpi tu da cuak tahap ape ntah. dasar pemalas!)

sekarang da tahu! ni mesti sbb semalam lalu sebelah starbuck, dan becakap dalam hati."jauh nya food court, lepak sini beli coffee je la.." last-last fariez pergi supermarket, beli air kotak apple Jumbo.

Petang tadi da msg mak, mintak mak datang sini (jeles oo tgk family Une ramai-ramai dtg Egypt). Harap-harap mak consider la cadangan fariez y tiba-tiba tu.

(1st time belajar buat PV examination- failed!! aahhh! benci ah)

December 18, 2010

Sperm injection

It was exciting to had a chance to see the procedures of sperm injection or to be exact it's called intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (INCI). It's impressing also to know that the Doc who teachs us almost everyday during Clinical round is an expert on INCI.(i was way too excited and decided to blog the video (taken during the procedure) about it live from my hp)

so the other day,the doc told us that he had 18 ovums to be injected with sperms.thanks to Afifah cause previously she did asked the doc to show us the procedures. and yes,we are lucky enough to had that opportunity.

Firstly, he doc show us the ovum.It's nothing but a non-nucleated rounded typical cell.having polar body, and a clear gel like material surrounding it.yeah it's the zona pellucida.The Doc then use this kind of instrument which looked like a needle, it actually a sucker.It suck the ovum to make it stand still.

Fixed ovum with  a needle trying to penetrate it
Then the doc come to a area where sperms are everywhere. I know, that the ovum is much larger than the sperm. but to see it by my own eyes, i actually feel like wow. i'm actully coming from that very very tiny winy little sperm and look how big i am now!!subhanallah.

Sperms are everywhere. Some having a normal figure, some even has a double heads,some moving actively, and some are dormant. The job of the doc are to choose the very best sperm which then injected into the ovum.before injecting the sperm, the doc said " now, i'll crush the tail " and all of us was like "ooooh" :)

this kind of procedure is commonly done for a couple who having an infertility problem, mainly due to sperms (male) problem.Well  u see, how much the technology has expand the ability of the Doc to help the patients. A couple who complaint of not having a child for 5 years of marriage or more now will be happy to get a baby in a few coming months! :)

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December 15, 2010

stop comparing

i hate myself to be compared!!! if only i can shout it out loud!
Are u heartless? don't ya see that i'm trying.I AM REALLY TRYING u know!
stop comparing me to someone else. speak in Arabic is obviously my biggest weakness.
and your negativity towards me is not helping to make me any better
but pissing me off

i don't know..sometimes i just feel like ripping people's spinal cord out.
or it's just me having an inferiority complex intensify by an insulting comparisons?

December 11, 2010

Sensitive issue

Bila nak kawin.
it will become even more sensitive when i'm reach 27 and yet still being single.i know.
walaupun sekarang masih muda remaja tapi isu kahwin da mula rasa menyesakkan dada.sedikit pressure bila orang tanya date dah confirm ke.muka kena yakin je cakap," tak confirm lagi"dalam hati.. "ya Allah, bila la aku nak setel kan pasal wedding ni"

mak cakap" tak payah fikir lagi, belajar dulu "

maka, lepas ni..fikir pasal belajar je ye. ( macam la boleh )

hahaha. nak pikir pasal kawen jugak (pengaruh kawan :) )


December 09, 2010

Things to do when you're bored

:) Holidays are really a good mood doubt.
tapi bila da selalu cuti, n tak tahu nak buat ape payah jugak kan.mcm sekarang. nk buat ape? takde idea nk buat ape, i mean takde bende yang frz rs nk buat.last-last end up updating the blog.T_T soo un-fascinating. List of Things to do when u bored. (might help, might not, click la kalau takde bende nk buat )

Pre-sale tickets are on sale now for Korean Pop Concert with the Beast. (adv)

So,mid term exam untuk Pediatric da habis. Alhamdulillah & Horray, walaupun Fariez tak puas hati dgn OSCE, tapi hey!! bersyukur lagi bagus kan. Regretting for the past mistakes, wouldn't change anything.If i don't make mistakes during OSCE , most likely i'll never realizes bout it, and likely to make mistake later on, which is more fatal.( positive thinking aite?)

Cuti hari tu Fariez pergi Picnic! Ngee~ i love Picnic! Everyone love a picnic.Don't ya? It's fun and u know, it also much cheaper and healthier than going off to any nearer restaurant.but well, u need a lil courages,kalau malas er, berangan je la.

Just after we finished the OSCE, Liza realized that her ring was nowhere to be found! Chaos sekejap kat department kitorang,cincin tunang kot.After an hour and so, sorang pakcik cleaner dtg, muka senyum-senyum, die cakap die ade jumpe cincin dekat mop.macam tak percaya! :) what a happy ending story.

The next day, kitorang pergi picnic! Malas nk type, boleh baca dekat Blog NanaAin ye.

 NanaAin, Farieza, Hunny, Liza. My circle of friends are the same persons for the past 4 year.Gosh! 4 years already!
Mereka yang dah tak sabar nk makan,dah tak nk posing untuk bergambar.
yela,da pukul 2.30.tak breakfast kot.masing-masing mcm monster.

Ini Pai Daging yang sgt juicy, Hani buat. sangat sedap, tak tipu.

Oh Happy Faces , tak boleh nak sorok-sorok kegembiraan!

Angry bird, favourite game Bob, Nana n Hani.

and the war begin.. money really change people u know.hahaha

Oh, my colourful happy life. please stay!

December 05, 2010

Deep Tendon Reflex

Semalam Fariez sempat pergi ward mencari patients yang mungkin membantu untuk OSCE esok. Tak banyak pun yang dapat. Tapi okie la kan, daripada duk rumah, habuk pun takde.

The 1st case, quite interesting : Budak lelaki comel dengan horseshoe kidney. Sempat auscultate heart die je. S1, S2 was audible, no added sound, no murmur. lepas tu Bob nk sentuh die, die da tak nak kasi. mama die kate, "huwa tuhib banat bass " (he likes th girls only ) muahaha.Maka, harapan je la nak buat renal angle test. (tak tahu la kenapa rasa macam renal angle test akan keluar OSCE esok, tapi harap- harap tak keluar.boleh ke mcm tu?)

Waktu keluar dari renal ward tu, Mama die panggil,pastu suruh Fariez tgk-tgk kan details dekat health reports. Ade blood, n urine analysis. Fariez terdiam sekejap, sebab tak banyak pun y fariez faham, tak familiar dgn medical short form (cewah, alasan). tapi die ade tulis "N" at every end of the data. Normal la maksudnya kan.So Fariez cakap, " Mafish musykilah, kullu tamam insyallah. Rabbuna yuawiki. Maassalamah" cepat-cepat beransur.

Gosh! macam mane nk jd Doc ni. I'm lack of confidence!

2nd case : Budak perempuan, muka ill gila, (kesian tau tgk). complaining of difficulty in breathing during activities n sleeping.ade edema lower limb, pastu abdominal mass (enlarge tender liver). Heart Failure ! so kitorang auscultate heart budak tu, S1 S2 cannot be heard, murmur was present. Pan systolic murmur best heard over the mitral area, and propagate to axilla. Grade 3 (sbb takde trill) character..erm.. Harsh kot. Differential Diagnosis?? erm ape je yang buat Pan systolic murmur? Mitral incompetence la kot kan. VSD (ventral septal defect ) ? VSD max intensity dekat 3rd n 4th Left space kn.ntah.

3rd case : Cerebral palsy! That lilttle girl is very skinny. kaki die takde muscle langsung, skeleton only! can u imagine that?  Mak budak tu cakap, die dtg hospital ni sbb ade imtihan (exam). okie that's a clue! confirm la ade cerebral palsy patient untuk exam OSCE esok. kan kan. (saje nk sedapkan hati ) Blur gila waktu tengok patient tu, nak cek reflex? deep n superficial.Liza buat plantar reflex, okie +ve Babinski sign.pastu gembira kan. ^_^ Pastu cek clonus, ade jugak owh, so Patient ni spastic cerebral palsy.

er ape lagi.. masing-masing blur.try jugak cek reflex die. nak buat ankle reflex pun kekok gila.hish, T_T ape la nk jd!Maybe this is the cosequences,  bila kelas da abes lama, lepas sebulan baru nak OSCE kan.(tgk, tgk! nk salahkan OSCE punya timing pulak :P ) okiela. thnks for reading. selamat study ye sahabat-sahabat ku.da~

Video : bukan senang nk deal dgn lil kids. but still, Fariez rasa nk jd pediatrician :)

December 03, 2010

Thanks reader(s) / Viewer(s)

 Terima kasih view blog sy.sbb awak-awak semua la, nuffnag kasi sy cek :)

(Mmg setiap hari jumaat, viewer dr Egypt akan jd 50 %)
Selamat menjawab exam midterm ye kamu-kamu!

Good Luck, Hani, Nana, Liza, Bob,Nik!
Good Luck to my lovely ex housemates : Sarah, Ona, Iman n Nawwar.
GoodLuck kawan-kawan yang laen : Peep, Chem, Atie n housemates,
 Ina dan ahli rumah Aimi, Fazila. Ark, Intan, Yani, Nana Fauzi, 
Damia n housemates, Yuz,Sab, Leyl, Nani, Pah,
 Migha, Zana, Effa, Nissa.Ewa, farahin, Mai, nik Nabilah.
(nama di atas di type secara random )
 Good luck warga Naga Merah y laen !!

Semoga Allah mudahkan kita menjawab exam esok.Amin :)

Haih.Cuak lebih pulak nk  Mid term. MCQs 50 soalan je pun
sebab da lama tak exam kot ?

P/s:sape readers dr Jepun,
Aien Rozaini eh? sy nak password ke blog kamu.
boleh kan?boleh la  :)

December 02, 2010

Be kind please.

1.Nothing i do is ever good enough.
and i am aware that i will never be able to make everyone happy and satisfied.
people will keep criticizes as much as they want,
and they can even hates for the way i am.
not that i care.cause hates will not break me (us) down, but yours.

2.Nothing i do is ever good enough,
and if someone ever appreciates the things that i'm doing.
Ignore me, n keep it to yourself. that's more that enough.more than enough.

3.i'm not longing for a huge success.
cause for a tiny lil success i will rejoice it as if it's a huge one.
(thanks Prof Dr Yaser )

4.i wanna live a life with a less drama.
because i've learn, that a drama-less life makes me happier.
much much happier.

5.if u have a secret, keep it to yourself!
 Don't blame others when u are the 1st one who blurt it out.
Yes, u are the one to be blamed!

Randomness of today timeline.

November 29, 2010

It's Snowing.

Snowing somewhere in Ireland. Harap-harap snow tak turun dekat Egypt ni.

Lately rasa nak menaip.biasalah, syndrome nak dekat exam. Rasa nak shoppingla, nak makan luar, nak tgk movie, nak maen game. tapi exam kali ni takde la rasa nk maen game. da muak kot. nk shopping ,n makan luar da tak mampu.

Tadi,jalan-jalan tgk blog orang. da jadi routine fariez tgk blog-blog yang update. tak pun tgk blog org y singgah kat shoutbox fariez. kalau rs menarik, fariez spend jugak mase baca, kalau rajin frz komen. kalau tak menarik, fariez baca tajuk je la.

Ada dua blog y fariez baca. Dua-dua cerita pasal snow. winter la katakan.
yang beza nya.. sorang ni cerita pasal kebenaran yang die discover : salji ni teruk sebenarnya, nampak je cantik tp tak best pun.Sebagai kesimpulan die benci snow.

sorang lagi, menerima kedatangan winter dan salji putih sebagai tanda kebesaran ALLAH, dan buatkan die berasa kagum dgn keindahan ciptaan-Nya.Copy paste sikit dr blog tu..

 "Manusia membuka mata, melihat ke luar tingkap dan tersenyum panjang. Salju datang lagi, salju lebih tebal. Ada yang lupa untuk berterima kasih kepada Tuhan yang menurunkannya, lupa memuji kebesaran Dia."

Sedikit sebanyak tersuntik jugak hati ini untuk sama-sama memuji ALLAH

oh well,semua orang ade opinion sendiri :)

P/s: Semoga kita-kita ni tak lupa bersyukur

November 27, 2010

I'm not spoil.

I'm not spoil, just well taken care of .

Masa darjah 4 fariez penah bergaduh dgn kawan baik, Melissa, budak india yang cantek dan pandai. Dia cakap Fariez anak manja, terus Fariez tarik rambut die kuat-kuat, n she did the same! After tu die pindah sekolah.

Bila da besar, fikir-fikir balik.. kenapa nak rasa offended sgt bila kene ejek anak manja? Anak manja mungkin la offensive to guys.yeah mungkin. Da besar rasa mcam nothing is wrong by being manja.and the truth is mmg sy manja dgn mak pun.kalau tak manja-manja dgn mak, nak manja dgn siapa? BF? err, that does not sound right!

Mak mmg manjakan kitorang by her own way.orang cakap anak mnje ni selalu nye spoil? erm.ntah.

Sebenarnya frz rindu  kat mak.. Mak asyik busy la plak sekarang ni. susah betul nk dapat cakap n sembang lama-lama. Mak mesti ade banyak cerita.akak pun ade bannnyak cerita ni! tiket balik Malaysia da la tgh murah! buat Fariez rs nk book tiket untuk winter holiday ni.haish. tapi da janji dgn mak tahun ni tak nk kerap balik Malaysia, n nak study betul-betul.Mak pesan suruh pergi jalan-jalan keliling dunia.

kalau nk buat jahat terigt kat Mak. Mesti luluh hati mak kalau tau anak die ni, malas belajar, ponteng kelas, n maen games.huwaaa~ nak nangis je rasa (bcause not being good enough last year) i better stop . papai!

November 25, 2010

Nani, i love u!

Nani! tgk la ni. :) Konon-konon nk buat surprise kan?? kikiki..Mula-mula kan, Nani nk buat surprise kt fariez Tapi kan da sebulan lebih, Nani pun give up, pastu terus tnya "fariez, ko ade dapat surat tak?"
obviously, takde surat pun sampai kat rumah, yang ade surat bank je (berkepuk-kepuk)

"Fariez, sbbnrnya aku pos something .tp lupa tulis Alexandria kat alamat rumah kau.Agak-agak sampai tak?"Masa tu Nani sgt tension dgn diri sendiri.hahaha."Fairuz tak cakap pun Alexandria"Nani. jgn rsau eh Nani, nnt aku gi cari kat Pejabat da kurang  surprise da la kan.

 Pastu Nani konon-konon la kan, tak nak bitau die pos ape.Nani just pesan, jgn excited sgt, sbb bende biasa-biasa je.Tanda harge pun aku lupa cabut.haha.Pastu Hari yang laen, Nani tnya frz tgh buat ape?

Mula-mula fariez lampi kot.
"Nani cakap, Fariez tak yah la buat planner tu, buang masa je.."
takleh2, aku kene buat jugak.kalau tak selagi itu aku rasa hidup tak teratur.( Fariez dgn nani selalunya berfikiran sama, tp pelik pulak nape kali ni die tak sokong ape y frz buat.oo maybe sbb da dewasa, duduk pun jauh-jauh, pemikiran pun jd berbeza)

"Fariez buat la minggu depan"
Apsal lak minggu depan? sbb minggu depan hari Planner sedunia!
oo yeke?? erm.. takpela..nk buat skng jugak, alang-alang tgh free ni.

Fariez!! buat la bende laen!!
masa tu rasa mcam, eh apesal ntah nani ni,semacam je..

muahaha! Ko pos kat aku planner ke Nani??!!
ko ni lagi nk tanya!
Cess! Hari Planner sedunia konon!!Hahaha fariez pun percaya je kan!

Tak sangka kn even jarak memisahakan kitorang, but still instinct Nani masih kuat seperti selalu!
Tau-tau je Fariez nak planner like badly!! huwaa~ i love u Nani!

Lepas 2 bulan, which is today baru sampai! cool je eja Shatby cenggitu n betul la takde tulis Alexandria. Wey! No rumah pun salah!! hahaha Alhamdulillah sampai jugak kn :) . (walaupun tahu, orang pejabat pos tu da bukak dulu )

 Inside the envelope. eh sahabat sejati ku :)

Nani cakap die ade tulis smthg.punya la Faries carik kat front page , n last page. takde pun..pastu selak2 page -page yang laen. okie, ni page pertama. *Touching * Ade banyak page laen : hari frz tunang, hari aniversarry nani n cai, n birthday Fariez!! heee suka sgt!

(Nani,paham tak mcm mne aku tahan taknk bitau kau.nampak je kau kt Skype td) 

Mak nani penah cakap,
" Fariez.. kalau Fariez lelaki, mesti korang duorang da kawen,Cai takde chance la "
Fairuz n Cai ade di tempat kejadian. Ayah Nani mengiyakan je ape yang Mak Nani cakap.Kitorang?frz n nani cm ketawa-ketawa

November 24, 2010

Eid mubarak (2nd day)

2nd day, pagi-pagi lagi da bersiap-siap nak beraya! Mula-mula raya rumah Liza (no pic was taken). Lpas tu bergerak ke rumah Paan, ade open house Ronggeng Rokiah. (siap buat event invitation kt fb, maka wajibla dtg ) Menyesal tau sape yang tak dtg.

ini among early birds.Early bird get the worm, but in our case, early birds got much option in chosing the dishes. :)
Nana n Liza enjoy Soto n i prefer Nasi impit n lontong!u see, Paan punya lontong is super tempting n delicious

The Foods : we have here Soto which u just cant resist, Rendang, Nasi impit, kuah kacang,super delicious lontong,cinnamon donuts, karipap pusing, puding/ agar-agar yang mcm-macam jenis..and the list goes on. banyak kan diorang masak!

Oh my.. These sweeties are my favourite! (tak sempat tanya y kuning tu ape sbnrnya ) diorng cakap cm agar2, ade ckp puding, ade cakap dadih. what ever it is,bende alah ni mmg buat semua org ulang berkali-kali ke meja makanan!
oh yeah, u guys are the best companions! (Liza, Hunny, Nanaain ) ( Baju Nana cantek tau, n i guess Nana looks very pretty and sweet dgn baju kurung sebab tak penah nmpak Nana wearing brownish baju kurung )

Lama jugak dekat rumah Paan, pastu kitorang pergi 3rd house. Rumah Hunny! ( also no pic was taken) berehat rumah Hunny puas-puas pastu bergerak ke rumah ke empat. Rumah Atun.1st time nk pergi umah Atun. excited la jugak. :P

tak lambatkn nk wish selamat pengantin baru buat Atun n Fadel :) Kitorang tak makan sgt kat rumah Atun, banyak bersembang je. Sembang pasal ape lagi kan kan.. :P opss. 

Atun wajib duduk center :) sampai magrib kitorang duduk atun. itu pun tak abes embang lagi :P. tapi segan la, duk umah atun lama-lama.Lepas solat je terus berangkat pulang! Igtkn nk balik rumah, sekali Nana cakap ade satu rumah lagi. rumah last. Rumah Fazila.

Menu special : Dinner dgn Nasi kerabu dgn ayam percik ( chef Fazila masak) What a perfect day! Perhaps..T_T (Time kat rumah fazila ni la, kitorang plan konon-konon nk buat surprise tu )

To sum up, hari raya kedua ni, mmg happening sangat! n i guess Hani,Nana n Liza would agree that it will permanently remains as er.. sweet memory??

November 21, 2010

Eid mubarak (1st day)

 open house rumah syuhada, jumpe baby haris.ouch ur cute face stole my heart!

sehari before raya - tunggu hardes smbil tgk gelagat org arab.

pagi raya ,ade jugak org dtg beraya umh kitorang. we got nasi impit, rendang, puding n triffle.
tak sempat lagi nk call mak nk bitau, akak berjaya buat nasi impit. mak risau sangat bila fariez bitau frz tak bawak nasi impit adabi.

lepas solat raya, fariez melayan anak-anak tak sure sape layan sape.
diorang cakap je (in arabic) kalau frz tak paham. diorang ulang je. gonna miss them.

more pics of them.

da penat layan diorang, fariez siap-siap pergi asrama MARA. ade jamuan makan.
pergi bukan sbb nk makan, tp sbb nk jumpe diorang-diorang ni.(my lovely ex-housemates)
indah nya persahatan ini.syahdu betul bila ingat kenangan 4 tahun duduk serumah :")

Lepas tu balik rumah baru Sarah. banyak betul sarah masak untuk raya.
ada kuah kacang ( my favourite) ade mee kari, mee rojak. sampai malam duduk rumah Sarah.

sebelum balik rumah singgah rumah Nana.ade nasi minyak,ayam msk merah, daging hitam, nasi impit, rendang,kuah kacang sume. mantap :)
makan lagi..huhuhu

mmg tak study langsung.

November 18, 2010

expect the worst

sometimes in our life, we decide to expect the worst.
sometimes we have no choice but to have a bad thoughts.

for me myself, when the worst thing that worried me much did happened, and came like a combo meals with all the bad thought that i previously had in mind,Gosh! for god sake it didn't make me feel any better!

expecting the worst,is just a superficial feeling, cause deeply inside, i know well how high my hopes n assumptions are. I want this particular things to be the best.Please oh bad thought thinking .pleasee.. just stay as thought, do not ever approach me in real life.

Now that i'm traumatize to know being in a worst situation in life is just another option.
gosh, how i realize expecting something worst to happen really does not work, perhaps for me.
It might help heighten the joy when something good happen,but it does not act like a cushion to comfort me when falling from high.

like seriously, mentally prepared for the worst outcome is not helping!

so what's next??

Allah, please guise me, please guide us.
Gave mercy for me, gave mercy for us.
strengthen my Iman, and those surround me.
soften their hearts and heart of me.

Forgive me for the bad thought i've,
clear my mind from any impurities

Please help me ALLAH, for i'm  very weak.
for i'm still afraid of what others people would think of me.

November 15, 2010

DKA ( sing along)

Fariez just type semula the lyric, to make it easier for u guys to sing along.
(well, if only u consider this song as a song)
happy holidays studying guys!

If a kid shows up in ketoacidosis,
u better go ahead n make the diagnosis
oftype 1 diabetes right now,
and in this case u better know how

to quickly get the kid out of this mess
cuz DKA can lead to death
grab a UA and a glucose finger prick,
n get your blood gases really quick

U should assess dehydration firstly
cuz the kid's whole body is extremely thirsty
but to keep the Glasgow score from getting low
U'd better give your fluids really slow.
If u correct too fast u'll cause edema
around the brain ,which may seem a minor problem,
but it's NOT.
cuz that brain is the only one she's got.

with DKA
some kids will say
they did'nt know they had DM

Believe what they say
cuz DKA
is the presenting complaint in 25% of them

u should also draw a set of lytes,
BUN,creatinine, and CBC, right?!
Check the anion gap, i will be high
and quickly consider other reasons why
the anion gap might be headed toward the sky
the"MUDPLES" mnemonic is worth a try
Check the blood for beta-hydroxybutyrate
and confirm the level of phosphate.

And know that total pottasium decreases
due to all the diuresis
even if serum pottasium looks high,
Due to acidemia, there's a shift
of pottasium out of cells and ultimately into piss.
Ketone n sugar draw too much water into the filtrate,
and the water drags sodium,K, n phosphate.

with DKA
u must wacth K+
n u'd better
check the other lytes too

with DKA
the signs kids display
are here for
 ur quick review~

Kussmaul respiration,
orthostatic hypotension
and distinctly fruity breath
vomitting n nausea
signs of coma
give the kid inslin to prevent death!

We've throughly discussed fluid repletion
but an insulin drip is required from completion
of correcting all the signs of DKA
As u give insulin, u should see pH
Slowly rise if u give it times
Don't give bicarb, that's a crime!
Just drip the insulin and keep checking the bicarb
it should climbs if u don't let your guard

With DKA,
There's a low pH
and a compensatory drop in CO2

To make DKA
just go away
u know exactly what to do

Give insulin
and run fluids in
and monitor for neuro change

U'll save the kid
and know what u did
was rescue him from pain

November 13, 2010

Ewah-ewah bercuti!

1.Happy holidays Alexandrian Medical team! Rasanya semua orang patut bersyukur dapat cuti seminggu sempena Hari Raya Haji, kat Malaysia tak dapat kot cuti seminggu. kalau negara laen,ntah-ntah time raya kene jugak pergi lectures/classes n tak? maka ucaplah alhamdulillah :)

2.Semalam balik dari seminar ibadah pesakit,da magrib da waktu tu (berjalan kaki ke rumah) jumpa 3 couple,adek-adek, yang lelaki baju basah (baru lepas mandi pantai kot). berjalan dgn muka ewah-ewah innocent nya.ish2.

3.Fariez sepatutnya spend kan masa cuti ni bercuti ke Hurgada!! tapi lepas timbang tara dgn benda laen, which is study.fariez terpaksa tarik diri. sangat berat hati.huwaa~ dan fariez akan jeles dgn diorang-diorang y pergi. tapi bila di fikir-fikir kan, the rest yang pergi tu, mmg semuanya jenis pick up, u know, jenis genius kan last minute will not be a problem to them.saya ni?? tak boleh.. so bai bai, have fun la korang! fariez kene make sure yang fariez betul2 study cuti ni.huh. kalau tak mesti fariez myesal sangat2.

4.rasanya ni 1st time raya kat Mesir tanpa sambutan.Like previously, every year PCI (Perubatan Cawangan Iskandariah ) akan adakan majlis sambutan hari raya, dgn tema yang berbagai, ada jamuan makan, ada persembahan, ade games sume.Pelik nya, kenapa tahun ni takde?? can anyone explain?

5.Raya thaun ni 17 november eh?? seriusly? OMG!
kebetulan sangat.. Birthday Mr Firuz hari raya puasa, Birthday Naim hari raya haji. eh eh.

6.Selalunya kalau la fariez give up, fariez akan cari org untuk share dgn org tu apa y fariez rasa. n selalu nya, akan okie la.. tapi 2 hari lepas, orang yang selalu bagi kata-kata semangat kat fariez pulak give up, dan fariez tak dapat nk tolong dia. rasa helpless sgt. Pastu sedar, ALLAH kan ada.

 "awak jgn give up okie! just keep going,slow-slow pun takpe.pastu kita doa sama-sama, mintak ALLAH mudahkan.hokay! *hug*"

7. Cikgu bahasa arab saya, Asma sgt comel tau.lawa.cantek.tinggi. kalau sy lelaki, mesti da jatuh hati dgn Asma. ah, boleh ke mcm tu?

8. tak suka lah dgn surgery department. suka-suka je last minute nk tukarkan orang msuk elective oncology! tau tak fariez da berangan dari dulu-dulu lagi nk main-main dgn endoscope! kecewa. hancur harapan. da la fariez jenis tak suka bila kene paksa-paksa ni.haih.

9.okie nk tgk ANTM. aza kate ade kejutan.

10.Tkay da dapat Gold medal untuk Zombie. oh tahniah cik housemate!

 okie bai bai. Kol sanah wa ento tayebeen!

November 09, 2010

happy birthday kak Fatin !

 P/s: birthday kak fatin diraikan oleh ahli rumah dan kawan-kawan terdekat yang sudi dtg di Pizza Queen,Green Plaza. (gambar last takde kne mgena dgn birthday kak Fatin, saje upload ;)
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November 05, 2010

Becoming a Pediatrician

once said that the elective course that we choose should be in line with our desire profession or interest, u know like example, i'm imaging myself as a paediatrician in future, so i may choose an elective course that related.(if there's any) . Elective course gave us an oppotunitie to explore more and get extra knowlegde bout the course that we've choosen.

And it should encourage u to attend every class of elective course. Because u are the one who are eager to be in that elective course.Isn't?? but why on earth, some of students escape from the class??  it's not that i have a problem with that,i don't mind pun.cuma rasa mcm, wa~ overnye kau ponteng smpai berhari2,tak rasa bersalah eh??

anyway, fariez pilih Neonatal Care as my 1st elective course for this semester. Some may want to know, how bout the far okie la.. got silibus n timetable, nampak lebih systematic compare to Radiology class which i took last year. cuma , class sepatutnya start pukul 9, but usually ( i mean the last few days ) the class started one hour late(more or less). itu menguji kesabaran jugak la.but starting next week, i think ,that will no longer be a problem, bcause the Doc allow us to go around the NICU, and make a noenatal examinations as much as we like.that's just great!!

This neonate was the 1st case we were xpose to.It's break our hearts when we saw this poor baby. berat betul ujian buat bayi kecil ni.She's on a battlefield at a very early stage of life.Dr Hassan said, even if she could survive, she'll facing a neurodevelopmental problems.Again, my heart broke into pieces :(

very tiny lil fingers. ( grasping reflex present )

Muka baby ni suci sgt! cant stop comparing myself with them. macam, aahh, banyak nye dosa-dosa compare dgn korang-korang y putih bersih suci murni ni.(i really hope they grown up to be a good person!)

12pm, is feeding time, the most exciting session  i guess :) bukan baby yang excited, org yang nk bagi susu y excited. the pic above as a prove :P

this is during resuscitation session, done on newly born baby.Muka baby tu subhanallah, mmg sama sebijik macam muka mak die.kagum betul dgn ciptaan Allah.

 :) :) :) ( senyum banyak2)

Saadah, Husan, Mizah, n was a very tiring day, we were standing through all the session, but yet mereka masih mampu untuk tersenyum. :)

that's me! singing a soothing lullaby while feeding the premature baby :) btw, he has a very shiny beautiful eyes! I adore his eyes very much.
i cant help to not telling u guy bout this baby. she been there for a quite sometimes,well actually, she's ready to be discharged. but nobody wants sad! oh, lupe nk ckp, die ade kembar.their mum ran away, and left them. sedey betul.sgt :( ramai org yang nak anak kembar, boleh pulak mak die tinggalkn diorang.till the procedure done, they will afterwards given to orphanage.

Bukan kah kita sepatutnya bersyukur?