January 30, 2010

to eat or not to eat

It's already late, but my mind does not seem to stop thinking,i cant sleep and worst i am hungry!!1.13 am is consider very late for me who usually went to sleep at 10 and sometimes 9.( yep,i sleep a lot compare to my secondary school life, which might xplain why i cant do well in my study during University life, cause i sleep more rather than reading/studying.)

anyway,  i decide to write something here instead of going to kitchen and find something to eat. actually i've already got 4 entry in my draft, which for some reasons i do not dare to post. but for this one, nekad nak post jugak.

These few weeks were somewhat hectic to me. (i dont like to used that word, but cant find other word) got piles of lecture notes to read, Clinical round things to be revised,and assgment which im so much not into it.6 days of schooling suddenly burdening soo much.holiday only on friday which u have to do assgment .but people say it's normal to have a hectic life during 20s. maybe i  just have to get used with it.

Besides i got fight with Mum a day before OSCE exam, and it does not seem to be okie till now. it's not really a fight, may i say it just a misunderstanding.but it very much affect me, who cant live without telling everythng to your Mum. yes, im that kind of girl, yang balik sekolah cerita sume bende kat Mak die..and i still like tht till now.er,i guess, im  not suppose to tell much bout it..lets just hopes that everything wil be okie asap.

It's getting cold right here.It's not that cold compare to those snowing places, but being in 16 degree without heater, and my house facing the bay in which u'll get extra freezing air going inside the house every now and then enough to make me stuck in my comforter for almost all the time.(thanks God i was not sent to any of those snowing places, cause i dont think i can survive there.Doesnt that means God knows the best.)
And for tomorrow is going to be partly cloudy, with surrounding temperature more or less 17 degree.the weather forecasts is brought for u by Yahoo-News weather. tq.

I really cant wait for the next Friday! Im going back to Malaysia! gee,seriusly tak sabar.to feel the hotness of sunny day, i hope it's not raining season.is it?  i got so many things to do, to be planned, but cant really enjoy the exciting feeling of going back, cause the assigment thingy is mingling on my mind and it's somewhat stop the nerve transmitting happy impulse in my mind.i can feel that!

 anyway, my luggage is a half way to be ready.

i think i better find something to eat da berkeroncong da ni.Adios! or shud i say goodnite.

January 26, 2010

being true

i need  a guidance. to tell me what is right and what is not.

why am i doing things that im do not wanna do?
order a hot choc instead a cup of coffee.
keep silent instead of happy chatting
hidding instead of showing
medic instead of maths
sleeping instead of playing 
runaway instead of listening..

being alone instead of being in crowd.

okie,paksa diri turun maen netball.have to.


January 25, 2010

Tak penah rs cukup

terima kaseh kepada sesiapa y complain - internal med slalu balik awal.
(klaka jugak ade org y komplain.bgus)

Maka kami tak lagi boleh balik selagi belum pukul 4 ptg.

Suka kn complain bende2 yang pelik..

(org y komplain tu patut tgk muka Doc y kecewa, diorg da buat yang terbaek untuk kita,
kite pulak komplain macam-macam)

Terima kasih!

(if u get what i mean)

January 18, 2010

Sudahkah anda mendaftar?

Maka saya adalah salah seorang dari 4.39 juta manusia lain yang belum mendaftar.
nnt fariez blik Msia, frz daftar eh.

info:syarat-syarat mendaftar
1.semestinya Warganegara Malizi/Malaysia
2.Matang yakni berumur tidak kurang daripada 21 tahun
3. Adalah seorang penduduk Malaysia
4.tidak hilang kelayakan. (ape maksud nya Hilang kelayakan? kalau rjin search sendiri)

Apakes fariez blog psal ni kn..Tgh study, pastu busan...nk tido macam awal lagi.
Saje2 la tgk Berita Harian, dulu kat rumah Fariez ni,Iman la y slalu Bace berita harian.
Hari-hari kot die bace berita,Iman mmg update la dgn berita kat Msia ni.
Kalau Iman tak cerita, fariez mmg tak tahu pape..

Iman da takde...
Kene la berdikari bace berita sendiri.

da abes bace berita, smbung Study balik yuk!! :)

January 16, 2010

Internal med exam

I'm glad that the exam was done in a group.A group of 3 students.
when i came to the ward and all other student had started their history taking.
and i started to panic.but thanks god.i managed to handle the emotion.
My hands was not trembling while takin the patient Blood Pressure,
like i used to.:D well, i proud of myself for that.

Among the Questions that the Doc asked (of which that i can recall):

Tell me General look of the patient.
(The 1st thing that i noticed in the patient was her red cheek.)
Anyway, the patient was well conscious, oriented and cooperative.
She has no special decubitus,having Malar flush (Mitral facies)..

-in your mind what
cause the Malar flush?
Mitral stenosis.

-The patient extemities is cold, and why is that so?
-What is the triad of Decrease Cardiac output?
-Take the pulse of the patient and comment about it.

-Take the BP.
and it was 90 for systolic and 60 for diastolic.the patient is hypotension.
(tho i was not that very sure, and i would like to do it again, but i didn't,
i just collect all my confidence and say it like im sure bout it)

and the questions of the BP goes on...
-what pressure indicates systemic highpertension?
-What are the importances of palpatory method?
-tell me about auscultatory gap.
-which patients may have that gap.
-other uses of sphygmomanometer.
-tell me about the Hess's test.

-types of dyspnea,give the meaning of orthopnea.
-tell about the grading of dyspnea.
-for the 2nd patient i was asked to comment on the patient tounge.
the tongue show bluish coloration which indicates cyanosis.
and the doc dont seem to be satisfied, and asked more.
what are the points that u shud comment about the tongue?
gosh,i swear i never read about it! i as far as i can remember i've not learn it in the class either.

-then the doc asked bout the neck vein.
the vein was pulsating and congested during expiration.
thnks god, the doc didnt asked bout what cause that condition.
as i have nothing in my mind bout that.

-some of my clique was asked to do percussion of the liver.
and i was surprised to know that the liver was shifting downward.

-the doc also asked what are going to do in ascites patient.
easy Questions.alhmdulillah.

so, that's all bout the exam..after the exam we went to KSP.(kafe Sri Putra) yeah!

January 15, 2010

tipu menipu

Apalah yang best sgt menipu org nih?
Apa yang best sgt bile tgk org lain kecewa?

fariez tak rase baest pun.bende ni tak klaka.langsung tak.

January 11, 2010

Fariez Semangat!

Saya rs sy la org y paling semangat pegi sekolah..serius.
Pagi2 lagi dah bangun,lepas subuh tak tido taw,bukak buku, tgk powerpoint lecture.Siap ber-breakfast, iron baju awal. Matching baju nagn tudung.Okie. boleh pegi kelas sekarang.

tp ade jela bende y tak best.

Hari semangat pertama, lepas Kelas ILA, nak pegi Clinical Round, semangat taw, siap bawak kek cokelat untuk budak2 satu round.Fariez siap bawak bekal susu cokelat jugak (supaya rehat nnt tak payah susah2 nak cari makanan,boleh duduk dekat surau je smbil tunggu azan zohor) tp tiba-tiba pandangan jadi kabur..sebelah je plak tu. :(  ntah time bile contat lens frz jatuh.tak pasan.pelik betul. macam mane nak pegi kelas kalau tak nmpak?(bunyik macam alasan tak?)

Hari semangat no 2, awal je frz keluar rumah 8.13am, awal dari semalam,awal dari org2 laen dlm rumah, tak payah naek teksi, tak payah jalan laju-laju, naek tram je, confirm sampai kelas sebelum 8.30am. sampai2 je kat stesen tram, da ade tram menunggu fariez. (dalam hati"ini petanda baek") cari purse dlm beg, takkan tertinggal kot, cari betul2, dang~ mmg tertinggal. bukak pensil case selalu nye ade coins dlm tu. takde. korek2 beg. hampa. frz takde duet, not even 25 cent.tak mampu nak naek tram :(

haish.sempat lagi ni.kalau balik rumah amik duet.

jalan laju-laju smpai rumah, amik purse tgk jam, lagi 3 minit before 8.30 am. tiba-tiba teringat, Doctor kelas TBL (Team base learning) marah kalau dtg lambat.

Seriously, fariez rs rela di rotan.sy rase sgt helpless la..(dan slightly crazy.)dugaan sket pun da kalah. :(
apo nak jadi la fariez ni..

Ade sape-sape kenal Nik Arip.tahun 4. Internal Medicine?
pesan kat die, "bile nk wish birhday kt Fariezzz??"
(ko mmg la nik.cess)

January 10, 2010

I Dont Feel old at All

A cake with 23 candles on it.

Control. supaya tak nampak obvious muke happy.

saya segan sebenarnye

1st hour of being 23 years old on 10.01.10 :)

Thnks for make me feel like i'm an ANGEL

(tho i know im not)

January 08, 2010

Kesatuan Hati

My days, arent good days.sometimes it's windy, cloudy and even raining heavily.that's just what a life shud be :) you know, it wont be a life anymore if everything happens accordingly to our wishes, in heaven perhaps. nevertheles,today is a good day to me and i was delighted. i had slept well the last night, wake up early in the morning and felt real fresh. make Bihun goreng , and did some reading.Then dressed up and ready to go MTC! it was perfect.

"Kitalah Barisan Hadapan"
during MTC, im giving my full concentration during the talk,opening talk i mean, and those words approaching me like a spirit.u cant see it,but rather to feel it, in my imagination, if it can be seen, i think it's going to look like a soft tone of smoke coming out from his(the speaker) mouth going straight to me, and strike me deep into my heart.and since then,  i heard those sentence "kitalah barisan hadapan" again n again inside me. till now.and im saying to myself, im going to be one! :)

A while back, Dr Latiff said that " We are going to be Mujahid/mujahiddah in the future war.It is definitely not a battle which need u to be physically strong.u will not need any weapons.but the future war is going to be a biology/medical with technology war . (refers to H1N1).See how important knowledge is!It's the only key to victory.Besides, we also need Kesatuan hati / togetherness. it's possible to do it all alone.going to a war alone is ridiculous.

and again, it makes me think how important Persatuan , PERUBATAN. :)

They was right, and i totally agree with them, when they said, berpersatuan is the best place where we can learn to be together,regardless all the differences that we have..differ in background, mentality,idea and all.

BUTTTT, to come to the election day and make a vote pun da rase reluctant?haih,payah la..


it's the togetherness which brings victory in Avatar. :) Rs nk g tgk Avatar lagi.

wa,da pnjng frz type..enuff i guess! need to go! :D gudnyte!!!!!!!!!

January 05, 2010

i'll always do

use the same magic words.k

January 04, 2010


A words that has been used widely.xtensively.
but did the users know the exact meaning of it?

Fariez punye vocab sgt teruk. :D ye sy tahu.
camwhore was one a ver new word for me.
fariez tnye kawan " ape maksud die sbnrnye"
and she said " tak yah la gune perkataan tu, mcm tak elok kot"
me "owh yeke"

dlm kamus takde.but wiki said (ops, sape y anti wikipidia, mind u )
wiki said the term camwhore was 1st used as early 2002,but was earlier used in Australia

so what's the meaning of the word? (copy paste from wiki)

cam whore(sometimes cam-whorecam-slut) is an individual who performs sexual services on the Internet with webcam software in exchange for money or goods, usually by a fixed per minute fee or by encouraging viewers to purchase items on their wish lists or add to their online accounts.While the label is usually considered derogatory and insulting,it is also used by these people to describe themselves, occasionally in self-deprecating manner.

"cam whore" is also used to refer to individuals who post pictures or videos of themselves on the Internet to gain attention. The term disparages those who post pictures of themselves at inappropriate times or places, and usually implies self-absorption. This second usage of the term, deriding vanity and histrionics, is overtaking the prior, more intuitive definition. It is usually synonymous with attention whore.

that's all folks! chiow.

January 01, 2010


:) ( senyum plastik )

fariez kne kuat!!

Janjiku padamu

Alhmdulillah. Tak penah terfikir akan hidup sampai tahun 2010.

Telling u what, 2 3 hari lpas, Fariez selalu sgt nk kne langgar.Tak boleh bayang kalau Fariez kene langar ngn Bus.yela,with all the news kat Malaysia,bout car crush- in which happened to newly wed, 2ndly, the bus accident which cause 10 death including one who is going to get engage on the next day.Saje je diorang emphasized that things. Nak bagi laku paper.ces..well, that scare me much! (i dont wanna get into accident.no.never.)

anyho, Alhmdulillah pakcik bus tu sempat break.Alhmdulillah.
Smlm Nawwar cakap Hannah kne langgar, and she had a broken bone somewhere kat kaki. okie. We'll visit her today.


People are making a review about the past 2009.and i'm doing it too.Not exactly a reviewla, more like a flashback :) from what frz could remember,2009 was not that bad, compare to 08,
but still 09 was not that easy for me to go through.Lets recall.

Early 09,i remember being childish,crying days n nights for ....nah, not worth telling (i love her tho) i remember the feeling of being alone,it hurts me every bits.not to forget, the hard time during studying. I didnt get any good grades for the past years.Seriously nothing to be proud of.i
and the heaviest task ever was trying to get rid of my own feeling over mr ex bf.oh well..

Now here is the best part, i glad Nani, my angle came to visit me :) yeah! i remember those time we spend at fayyoum picniking at the bay, went to ice skating somewhere in cairo,lumba lari dekat desert,again picnik, but this time at Montaza, camwhore at Colosseum! and yang paling tak boleh lupe,the long conversation we had in the train from cairo to alex.haih. i syg la kat u,Nani.

Apart of that, 2009 had brought me even closer with Ika n Emi. thnks to.. erm Rain? :P

Erm what else. o yeah, my elder brother engagement day , on May 09. Sume org ade waktu tu, except me. Kak Ida send me the the pics during the events.That's when i realized my youngest bro, Adek, is actually a big boy now, he even taller than Ebob.And Abg looks handsome with his smile.

Next, MKKI, im one of ajk bawahan as treasurer and was also resposible to organize the Malam Busana, I've done my best, but apparently it wasn't the best. if u come on that hight, i bet u'll notice the gross defect.well, it was my 1st time to handle things as such. And im not a good ajk either. Kan jojie?? i've learn a lotss, in a team work, we shud able to accept criticize, and not to expect everything will goes just fine, Be patient is a key to success, and to think before trowing the words out of your mouth is a very crucial .i'll keep those in my mind.

About Mok's owner,because u are one of special person..i'll make this privately for u.ngeh2.password is the last msg tht i sent.

There is hidden text here

I thought i can recall nothing, sekali mencurah2 pulak! good, that means i'm not nyayuk lagi :)

da tak larat nk smbung tulis sbnrnye.
U wanna know what am i doing during the clock strike 12 last night??
Im indulging my self with Cinnabon, plus a dose of caffein, and Faizal tahir on ears.

"Ku teguh berdiri tiada lagi ragu atau gentar
Ku terus berani melangkah maju ke hadapan
Satu impian nyawaku pertaruhkan
Genggaman tanganmu, semangatku terus membara
janji ku pada mu, harapanmu ingin ku laksanakan "

2010 be kind to me please.Only ALLAH knows my exact feeling right now.
(nnt rjin, frz upload gmbr hokey :) )