December 31, 2011


Alhamdulillah, gembira dengar berita Syafiqah selamat melahirkan anak.Jadi hari ni usai kelas, kami ramai-ramai menapak ke rumah Syafiqah. Semangat betul nak ziarah Syafiqah dan baby dia. Masa kitorang sampai, baby baru tido.Berbalut tebal dengan selimut siap dengan bertopi comel. Alahai, so cute tau baby ni.Gewam je ghase,aunty rasa nak picit-picit pipi Safiyya.Tapi tak picit pun, aunty farieza cium-cium je  :)

"Sakit tak masa delivery tu?"a very common question to be asked la kan. Syafiqah kate sakit gila! Syafiqah cerita, actually die nak deliver without aneasthetic tapi sakit sangat so she asked for one. Peep was there, a mother to be, mesti cuak je kan Peep dengar Syafiqah ckp mcm tu. :P

Fariez takrasa takut pun dengar, or maybe not yet. Tapi Fariez more to sedih...
Fariez teringat dekat mak. Mak selalu cerita, " dalam banyak-banyak anak yang dia kandung, kakak la paling susah. Mak siap dapat kencing manis (gestational diabetes), kakak lahir tak cukup bulan. Masa mak nak lahirkan kakak mak tumpah darah banyak sangat.tapi mak paling gembira masa kakak lahir"

Mak will keep telling me this especially bila Fariez buat perangai. Lepas tu mak akan tanya " Kenapa akak selalu buat mak sedih? "

could any person stand to heart that without menangis?

Anyway, esok dah masuk January, buatkan Fariez lagi-lagi terigat dekat Mak. dan seperti January-January yang lepas, Fariez akan janji nak jadi anak yang baik,anak yang solehah, taknak buat mak sedih-sedih, nak msg & call mak selalu. Azam yang sama tiap-tiap tahun.

dan bila, window player yang dalam mode shuffle, memainkan lagu Permataku- Mirwana air mata ni mengalir mencurah-curah. how i miss her. how i miss the moment where we used to stay awake dr malam sampai subuh sharing cerita. how i miss hugging her tightly.How i miss spending the time kat dapur together,going to pasar together, breakfast berdua. Rindunya. :'(

(kak ida dengan Mak @ klia )

I wanna be forever her baby and Mak will forever be my Permata Hati . <3

December 29, 2011

All about the storm

i wish i could walk through the storm, with my eyes close tight and plugged ears.
i'll take any measure needed so that the sand doesn't get in.
then slowly i'll walk in step by step. like what has been written by HM.
and hope to come out from the storm differently.

December 27, 2011

31 days in December

God know how lega i feel lepas exam.There're so much things need to be covered within 10 day, and the fact that i never had revised the lectures make the study week no easy . yeah, my bad.Tapi dah lepas dah, hehe dan kini sy berazam untuk baca lectures day by day, which well, apparently is not an easy task either.

Setiap kali winter, i'll had seasonal dry cough, and it's goes just the same for this winter,it's get worsen during early morning, most probably it's due to allergic and aggravated by the cold weather. I usually go for over-the-counter medicine and take honey as home remedies, tapi sekarang i'm not in the mood to take any medicine, so i'll just bear this cough.

yesterday, i went to kedai buah shatby to buy some limau, and masa dekat kedai tu i was coughing like crazy. If u didn't notice me, it is either u're deaf or u're having no heart. Pakcik kedai buah, agaknya risau, he advices me to make a home remedies. He said i'll get better within days if take a hot tea with dried guava leaves regularly. i thought he was kidding, but no, he was not. Before i left he packed me a plastic of dried guava leaves and he even ask me to come back if i need more ( of course for free).

So i google for guava leaves, and i was surprised  that guava leaf tea has long been used in folk medicine to treat variety of ailments. i think i'll may give it a try and see its effectiveness in 4 days.

erm, rasanya itu je la kot for now.nothing much happened, except that i've collapsed during ward training today. Doc cakap it was vagal attack. Hahaha what an experience.

P/s :currently, i feel like spending the time alone, so pardon me if u feel like u've been  ignored, and to those yang buat sy ..... hahaha, thank you friend, i've learn my lesson  :)

i love zee avi, hope u njoy the song , see ya in the new year post, insyaAllah. Da~

December 21, 2011

Identification : Negroid and Asian

Negroid skull

Negroid skull can be identify  cause it owns specific characters:
The skull is elongated (dolycocephaly )
The alveolar margin of the maxillla is protruded (prognathism)
The hard palate is flat
The nasal orifices are wide
The frontal suture is persistent and never fuse.

Asian Skull
while in asian skull,
The skull is almost wide as long (brachycephal )
The face is flat, not prognathic
The nasal spine is clearly much higher
The nasal orifices are oval shape
The opening of the orbits are circular

:p esok paper forensic sbnrnye, tgh baca topic identification

December 20, 2011

Untuk apa dan ke mana?

Semalam dah planning nak pergi mabul, sangat happy and so overwhelmed. Strangely, hari ni semua berubah, like 360 degree upside down. It's now complicated ! Harap ini permulaan yang baru, for better tomorrow untuk dia, untuk saya. I'm sad but i'm happy. Sad because this gonna be the end, but i'm happy for every ending has a new beginning.

December 18, 2011

scattered thoughts

i might just wasting my time, typing uncertainness thought in here.but i need to throw all these stress into words.If anyone notice, im starting to keep everything inside act cool konon, which unfortunately make me more or less like a time bomb - waiting sometimes to exploded.i'd rather not.

exam is just around the corner , and worst my menses too. so i really don't know which one is responsible for this increasing pressure in me. or maybe because of me being free from caffeine for months, and suddenly taking it make me flaring hot inside and giving me extra power to actually become more emotional.

Another things is, after me knowing  my housemate had already finished reading all the lectures i realized that this stress is doubling! ( my big regrets,i should pay the rent later ) Ah,she doing her study well while me..i hate to compare! helplessly hoping i can be even more motivated  after knowing someone had finished.

i wish i could be less ambitious, and just read these leisurely, and just pass the exam. to be honest, forensic not that hard, family medicine pun , one might pass the exam by just reading the text book. it's not like surgery, physic, or statistic or maths or whatsoever.

i wish i could be like guys, (absolutely not the nerd one) they usually go emotionless during exam, they dont cry they dont get homesick they don't crave for ice cream during exam.well at least that's what i observe.

i don't need to tell you, how bad i feel as a student, and as a servant to god. because i keep on praying for god to grant me an ease during exam and grant me a freaking good marks. talking bout adil, i'm sure it's a way far from adil.i'm not studying well but somehow asking Allah for such good grades? okie these really gonna make me crying my heart out :'( i should stop and start pulling oneself together again.

December 14, 2011

Rabu sudah!

apparently, i have to wait till I've finished the Family Medicine, Forensic & toxicology final exam and be totally free to love and laugh afterwards  ! come on Fariez, u can do it (for at least habiskan baca semua lectures and do the past year Questions) Yosh!

make doa for me pretty please.

counting down : 5 days to go!

December 12, 2011

Good intentions are never enough

sy terigt tahun lepas, kami melawat elderly house, Doc hisham yang bawak kitorang. we were very excited  to have that trip it shows on our faces. biasalah, terlepas dari kelas, siapa yang tak gembira. Happy-happy jugak, but deep inside,i have a mix feelings.well, anyway..

What i want to highlight is, last time, during the eldery house visit, there was Doc Hisham with his sweet reminder . Apa yang dia buat? He asks us to close our eyes and insists us to make a second thought of good intentions. what your intention coming to this elderly houses?

so , yeah, what was your intention of  going to El-Hanan?


December 09, 2011


i'm having high tolerance for you,together with it, i also have a severe physical dependence,
and i believe  i may have withdrawal symptoms when you're away.
that's it! i'm addicted to love

December 02, 2011

Personal story


December 01, 2011

Berjalan kaki dari Green plaza ke Shatby

a craaazee thing to do! tapi seriously kitorang jalan kaki balik dr Greenplaza, er dari Smouha sebenarnye. ni semua gara-gara traffic congestion dekat Smouha, tengah sedap-sedap dalam taxi, anyway, taxi pun bukan main susah nak dapat, semua mintak 25ghenih.25 ghenih?

dekat tengah-tengah jalan, tengah-tengah jam, boleh pulak kan tiba-tiba enjin taxi tu mati, kesian jugak tgk pakcik/abg tu start enjin again n again, but the car not seem to be cooperative.huh. and kitorang disuruh keluar, cari taxi laen :'(

tengah-tengah jam tu, mana nak cari taxi?10 minit jugak tunggu, takda tanda-tanda jam akan reda. All the vehicles dekat jalan tu were like static.tak bergerak langsung, not an inch. and that's when kitorang decided tio just walk.

tak sampai 10 minit pun jalan, jam pun dah reda sikit, tiba-tiba ada tramco kosong, kitorang tahan, tanya die pergi Manshia tak? Driver tu kata tak. okie sedeyy. but instead, die cakap, he's heading to Shatby! mcm tak percaya je. So kitorang balik naek tramco dr smouha ke shatby, sorang bayar segehnih je. :')

what an experience!

At last sampai jugak rumah safe n sound, Malam tu, penat gila, sampai Fariez boleh tertido waktu main game, kalau baca buku tertido boleh terima lagi.Anyway..