February 27, 2013

unemployed still

 So dah dekat 5 bulan  since my graduations day,  been married for 6 months already, yet still duduk dekat rumah unemployed, honeymoon-ing like a newly married couple.ahaha Bahgia. Really i am.  Alhamdulillah. Oh yeah, forget to mention that I am pregnant! Allah, only HIS mercy is the only reason that i'm so blessed. Tak nak cerita psl pregnancy, bcause if i do, it may take my whole day blogging bout it. In short, having a baby growing inside me is awesome feeling.Alhamdulillah.

This coming Friday Fariez & Fairuz dah decide nak balik Perak. Mak mesti terkejut tengok perut anak die dah besar, okay not only baby bump got bigger me myself pun. I've gain 10++ kg for god sake ! i was stress sometimes, mcm tak percaya kot i even think weight scale tu tak betul, and i'm believe it was not me who getting bigger tapi baju2 yang mengecil.tehee.

Bila terigt nk blik jumpe mak, terigt la pulak.. mak n all the jiran2 mesti akan tanya. "bila nak start keje? bila nk start keje? apply which hospital and all.." Kakak tak keje lagi.. lesen kete pun baru dapat last week, macam mana nak keje? :P

Anyway, surat lantikan jawatan dah dapat which i dont expect it came that early. haih, to be honest, i'm not that excited, sometimes i rather imagine myself as a loving housewife who cooks alot .i'll be fine.i will do some sewing or gardening if i'm ever bored.tengok Wanita Hari Ini, pergi market buy stuffs.No? Entahla.. lossing my enthusiams somewhere i  guess.

Well, i fear that i may be doing my job rather less and living a stressfull live. Diorang cakap  HO working from dawn till midnight,no lunch no dinner. By the end of the day akan tidur jeeee.Scary!What a sad reality of life.

is there anything i can do to get my enthusiasm back?
Kena betulkan niat untuk kerja isnt it?whatever it is,  i better get motivated asap. Doakan saya!

P/s: Bila gambr graduation nak siap ntah? CHot Touch ape cerita?