February 29, 2008

picnic pics


musim bunge.wewewe~

erm, thinking of wut??

tengah cari tempat tuk mkn.

hepi yea??



way back Home

February 22, 2008


how im longing to go for a picnic..as long as i remember, i had planed to go for a picnic since last year.but maybe because of being too busy, the plan was never work.( as a 1st year student,my days was not easy.enough said it was HArd!clases from 8am to 6 pm, and to have only one day free from lectures limited our time from leisure activities.very short break at the end of sem thus NO picnic.)

But all praise to ALLah, alhmadulillah this sem we got a week break from lecture after the exam. and here we are, at Montaza garden! having a wonderful picnic near the historical king farouq's palace. thanks to HANI, NANa, NISA, WANI n LIZA!u guys cun la.ahaks. (gune ayat liza.cun.) i cant hide my happiness, as i went home with a big smile on my face. but with half close eyes.hehe nantuk amat~

i wish i cud upload the pictures.(they are more thn 200.) but the connection was..euuuw,sgt myampahkn. it will definitely take a long time.. wawa tak sanggup nk tunggu. ade bnyak keje lagi nk buat. basuh kasut. basuh baju. kmas dapur. susun2 buku.by the time i ll finish doing those works, i will be completely exhausted . erm, i ll upload it, but not now.the day after 5 days.

my time during this holidays was FULL with activity,>>outdoors activities. i have no time sitting at this laptop chit chatting. i enter this room only to get things. and that the reason why im not posting that often even after the exam was over.

and tomoro i'll going to Luxor and Aswan for 5 days. so papai blogger, papai to fs, papai YM! something exciting waiting for me there! cant wait!!

okie2. really got to go. c ya!

February 20, 2008

days after exam

i was looking at blebby ( wut a cute teddy), hold it tight. hug it as it was my 1st time to get it. All i wanted,really u can understand n respond for wut i am saying. so i'll have someone to share my feeling. sigh~ ( i really cant define this feeling.)

for those y tanye frz pasal tidur y tenang. i had a pretty calm, n warm sleep last nite, but only after 3 am.19 feb was a long day. tiring day. (blik exam g oriflame got important thing to buy,then cc>> internat kat rumah sgt sengal, pegi pasar, n unluckily my cooking duty was on that day, then went to carefour.one n only things that i wanted to buy is SOFT PILLOW untuk tdo y tenang, about 9 pm reached home, n there were the guys fixing our internet conection till nearly 12 baru settle, then i got a phone call.talking on phone for almost 3 hours.seriusly im not used to talk on phone for that long.lastly, when it was time for sleep,, i just cudn't fall asleep.)

it was also my day of FREEDOM (as i just finished my final exam for 3rd sem). yeah \(^_^)/.

er, anyway soo much things on my mind rite now. thought that after the exam i can free my mind from thinking too much. but it seem like i have to continue thinking and making decision. im no good in making decision. i hate to choose. GOD help. blebby wut shud i do??

February 11, 2008

exam,cepatla abes.

yeah! alhamdulillah. paper histology tadi tak susah. pastue cukup mase nak jawab. sempat la jawab sume soalan,SGT SGT better dr biochem punye paper..[tak cukup mase, tak reti jawab, tak sempat jawab n y paling best skali maen tembak2.] kecewa amat sgt dengan biochem~ redha je la.erm, kalula histo susah jugak td, mesti nyesal banyak2 sebab semalam tdo awal.he. sume org tdo awal semalam. mungkin sebab da tak larat nak rsau2 pasal exam. pastue cm da kurang semangt exam..letih laa rsau..

sampai skng fariez still tak leh trime nape exam nie lame sgt.NAPE EH?? camne students medic kat U laen?? anyway,2 more paper to go [anatomy y banyak n Community Medicine y er..], tak termasuk paper ICDL la tapi, klu termasuk jadi 3 paper. tapi tak nak msukkn kn.. ICDL >> international computer driving licence. jgn ingt kete je kne amik lesen, nk gune computer pun kne amik lesen kat cni. kat msia fariez tak penah dgr la plk psl subjek nie..

exam,cepatla abes.. fariez rindu tidur y tenang~

February 08, 2008

Bace physio la !

tak tau nape malam nie, banyak je lagi tak bace physio .tapi cam rase nk benti da bace.tue tande2 awal rase putus asa ek??

dila cakap

" jangan putus asa, andai putus asa, teruskan berjuang walaupun dalam keadaan putus asa"

macam mane tue? makne nye, kalu rase tak nk bace. trus bace jugak ek?? nak je g tanye dila balik.tapi kang cam kacau die je. dila mesti tgh sibuk.

sob2.asal la tajuk circulatory system nie susah sgt nk paham??(da study last minutes mmg la cmtue) nak ingat lagi satu hal. takde mood bende laen plak.ngade2 kan blaja ikut mood, nie klu mak tau nie..tapi fariez tak tipu,bace je bab tue, rase diziness, and nausea.adei.mate rase berat da,tapi tak sanggup nk tdo.nak tdo dlm keadaan camnie.sure tak leh lelap punye..fariez tgk iman (roomate aka bedmate.he) kat sebelah nie. bace non-stop.takde la plk ngadu2 busan ke, nk muntah ke, ngntuk ke..terase diri amat2 ngade2. bace je la buku tue kn..

tak sabar sgt2 nak abes exam nie!! cepat la abesss!!! otak asyik igt nak cuti je,mmg susah la nk focus. University buat trip g Luxor. tambah2 la tak sabar frz nak cuti.wawawa~ exam nie. kalu study awal2 mesti tak jadi camni. nyesal nyer..nyesal3.sem depan takmo bermalasan lagi.(eh cam penah cakap je sem lepas camnie.erk).kne sambung bace nih.pastue baru boleh tawakal.bak kate pip, konsep tawakal tue, kne usaha bersungguh2 lepas tue baru la boleh berserah kepade ALLAH.bile result kua nnt sile lapangkn dada untuk terima ape je y da di tentukan. erm.baekla!!
nani da dapat result 1st sem die.bgus la, da lepas ngn jaye nye.

smbung bace physio...

(betul la cakap ona. cuti nie fariez kne bace buku motivasi. bgi motivated sket.)

ppl out there! doakn fariez ek.

"ya ALLAH ya rahman, beri kan aku kekuatan untuk terus kan hari-hari yang akan datang"

February 06, 2008

about me.randomly.

i read about ppl been tagged. tak penah terpikir pulak nk terlibat. tapi since mai tagging >>farieza a.ka.a me,dan sedang agak free skang, so i think why not buat je.8 je punnn..kalu n fariez list kn more than 8 pun boleh. (haha, free la sgt,ade paper physio lak pas nie n ppl pliz pray for me!)

The Rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

1st. fariez susah nak beza kn kanan ngn kiri.plik tak? actually i just noticed it! okie, to make it clear, bukan la fariez tak reti nk bezakn just amik mase jugak la. n this is one of a big problem that i face during anotomy classes. ''this is right or left scapula?'' ooohh..

2nd. fariez suke masak. haha. tak tere masak pun. seyes. fariez suke diorang makan bile fariez masak. and u can't tell how sad i am when u dun eat it.haha. so ble fariez masak wajib makan ek. sedap tak sedap blakang kire!

3rd.fariez is emotional. ( yup, i am giving my best to control it.)

4th. this one same ngn mai. i luv to sing too.tapi fariez tak nyanyi depan org la. malu saye. hik3.

5th.fariez skang tinggal dekat shatby, alexandria. dan bahagia tinggal di sini.

6th. saya suke MAKAN.hik3.

7. my hp,selimut2,tedy bear, lampu meja, jam meja, jam tangan,tong sampah, are all RED.

8th.sy tgh exam final untuk 3rd sem.5 paper to go. tapi tak abes study lagi.wawawa~


im tagging no one. he

bleh ke?

bleh ke tak bleh, nk jugak.

tapi shikin.deenasour.klu rjin buat la.