December 31, 2011


Alhamdulillah, gembira dengar berita Syafiqah selamat melahirkan anak.Jadi hari ni usai kelas, kami ramai-ramai menapak ke rumah Syafiqah. Semangat betul nak ziarah Syafiqah dan baby dia. Masa kitorang sampai, baby baru tido.Berbalut tebal dengan selimut siap dengan bertopi comel. Alahai, so cute tau baby ni.Gewam je ghase,aunty rasa nak picit-picit pipi Safiyya.Tapi tak picit pun, aunty farieza cium-cium je  :)

"Sakit tak masa delivery tu?"a very common question to be asked la kan. Syafiqah kate sakit gila! Syafiqah cerita, actually die nak deliver without aneasthetic tapi sakit sangat so she asked for one. Peep was there, a mother to be, mesti cuak je kan Peep dengar Syafiqah ckp mcm tu. :P

Fariez takrasa takut pun dengar, or maybe not yet. Tapi Fariez more to sedih...
Fariez teringat dekat mak. Mak selalu cerita, " dalam banyak-banyak anak yang dia kandung, kakak la paling susah. Mak siap dapat kencing manis (gestational diabetes), kakak lahir tak cukup bulan. Masa mak nak lahirkan kakak mak tumpah darah banyak sangat.tapi mak paling gembira masa kakak lahir"

Mak will keep telling me this especially bila Fariez buat perangai. Lepas tu mak akan tanya " Kenapa akak selalu buat mak sedih? "

could any person stand to heart that without menangis?

Anyway, esok dah masuk January, buatkan Fariez lagi-lagi terigat dekat Mak. dan seperti January-January yang lepas, Fariez akan janji nak jadi anak yang baik,anak yang solehah, taknak buat mak sedih-sedih, nak msg & call mak selalu. Azam yang sama tiap-tiap tahun.

dan bila, window player yang dalam mode shuffle, memainkan lagu Permataku- Mirwana air mata ni mengalir mencurah-curah. how i miss her. how i miss the moment where we used to stay awake dr malam sampai subuh sharing cerita. how i miss hugging her tightly.How i miss spending the time kat dapur together,going to pasar together, breakfast berdua. Rindunya. :'(

(kak ida dengan Mak @ klia )

I wanna be forever her baby and Mak will forever be my Permata Hati . <3

December 29, 2011

All about the storm

i wish i could walk through the storm, with my eyes close tight and plugged ears.
i'll take any measure needed so that the sand doesn't get in.
then slowly i'll walk in step by step. like what has been written by HM.
and hope to come out from the storm differently.

December 27, 2011

31 days in December

God know how lega i feel lepas exam.There're so much things need to be covered within 10 day, and the fact that i never had revised the lectures make the study week no easy . yeah, my bad.Tapi dah lepas dah, hehe dan kini sy berazam untuk baca lectures day by day, which well, apparently is not an easy task either.

Setiap kali winter, i'll had seasonal dry cough, and it's goes just the same for this winter,it's get worsen during early morning, most probably it's due to allergic and aggravated by the cold weather. I usually go for over-the-counter medicine and take honey as home remedies, tapi sekarang i'm not in the mood to take any medicine, so i'll just bear this cough.

yesterday, i went to kedai buah shatby to buy some limau, and masa dekat kedai tu i was coughing like crazy. If u didn't notice me, it is either u're deaf or u're having no heart. Pakcik kedai buah, agaknya risau, he advices me to make a home remedies. He said i'll get better within days if take a hot tea with dried guava leaves regularly. i thought he was kidding, but no, he was not. Before i left he packed me a plastic of dried guava leaves and he even ask me to come back if i need more ( of course for free).

So i google for guava leaves, and i was surprised  that guava leaf tea has long been used in folk medicine to treat variety of ailments. i think i'll may give it a try and see its effectiveness in 4 days.

erm, rasanya itu je la kot for now.nothing much happened, except that i've collapsed during ward training today. Doc cakap it was vagal attack. Hahaha what an experience.

P/s :currently, i feel like spending the time alone, so pardon me if u feel like u've been  ignored, and to those yang buat sy ..... hahaha, thank you friend, i've learn my lesson  :)

i love zee avi, hope u njoy the song , see ya in the new year post, insyaAllah. Da~

December 21, 2011

Identification : Negroid and Asian

Negroid skull

Negroid skull can be identify  cause it owns specific characters:
The skull is elongated (dolycocephaly )
The alveolar margin of the maxillla is protruded (prognathism)
The hard palate is flat
The nasal orifices are wide
The frontal suture is persistent and never fuse.

Asian Skull
while in asian skull,
The skull is almost wide as long (brachycephal )
The face is flat, not prognathic
The nasal spine is clearly much higher
The nasal orifices are oval shape
The opening of the orbits are circular

:p esok paper forensic sbnrnye, tgh baca topic identification

December 20, 2011

Untuk apa dan ke mana?

Semalam dah planning nak pergi mabul, sangat happy and so overwhelmed. Strangely, hari ni semua berubah, like 360 degree upside down. It's now complicated ! Harap ini permulaan yang baru, for better tomorrow untuk dia, untuk saya. I'm sad but i'm happy. Sad because this gonna be the end, but i'm happy for every ending has a new beginning.

December 18, 2011

scattered thoughts

i might just wasting my time, typing uncertainness thought in here.but i need to throw all these stress into words.If anyone notice, im starting to keep everything inside act cool konon, which unfortunately make me more or less like a time bomb - waiting sometimes to exploded.i'd rather not.

exam is just around the corner , and worst my menses too. so i really don't know which one is responsible for this increasing pressure in me. or maybe because of me being free from caffeine for months, and suddenly taking it make me flaring hot inside and giving me extra power to actually become more emotional.

Another things is, after me knowing  my housemate had already finished reading all the lectures i realized that this stress is doubling! ( my big regrets,i should pay the rent later ) Ah,she doing her study well while me..i hate to compare! helplessly hoping i can be even more motivated  after knowing someone had finished.

i wish i could be less ambitious, and just read these leisurely, and just pass the exam. to be honest, forensic not that hard, family medicine pun , one might pass the exam by just reading the text book. it's not like surgery, physic, or statistic or maths or whatsoever.

i wish i could be like guys, (absolutely not the nerd one) they usually go emotionless during exam, they dont cry they dont get homesick they don't crave for ice cream during exam.well at least that's what i observe.

i don't need to tell you, how bad i feel as a student, and as a servant to god. because i keep on praying for god to grant me an ease during exam and grant me a freaking good marks. talking bout adil, i'm sure it's a way far from adil.i'm not studying well but somehow asking Allah for such good grades? okie these really gonna make me crying my heart out :'( i should stop and start pulling oneself together again.

December 14, 2011

Rabu sudah!

apparently, i have to wait till I've finished the Family Medicine, Forensic & toxicology final exam and be totally free to love and laugh afterwards  ! come on Fariez, u can do it (for at least habiskan baca semua lectures and do the past year Questions) Yosh!

make doa for me pretty please.

counting down : 5 days to go!

December 12, 2011

Good intentions are never enough

sy terigt tahun lepas, kami melawat elderly house, Doc hisham yang bawak kitorang. we were very excited  to have that trip it shows on our faces. biasalah, terlepas dari kelas, siapa yang tak gembira. Happy-happy jugak, but deep inside,i have a mix feelings.well, anyway..

What i want to highlight is, last time, during the eldery house visit, there was Doc Hisham with his sweet reminder . Apa yang dia buat? He asks us to close our eyes and insists us to make a second thought of good intentions. what your intention coming to this elderly houses?

so , yeah, what was your intention of  going to El-Hanan?


December 09, 2011


i'm having high tolerance for you,together with it, i also have a severe physical dependence,
and i believe  i may have withdrawal symptoms when you're away.
that's it! i'm addicted to love

December 02, 2011

Personal story


December 01, 2011

Berjalan kaki dari Green plaza ke Shatby

a craaazee thing to do! tapi seriously kitorang jalan kaki balik dr Greenplaza, er dari Smouha sebenarnye. ni semua gara-gara traffic congestion dekat Smouha, tengah sedap-sedap dalam taxi, anyway, taxi pun bukan main susah nak dapat, semua mintak 25ghenih.25 ghenih?

dekat tengah-tengah jalan, tengah-tengah jam, boleh pulak kan tiba-tiba enjin taxi tu mati, kesian jugak tgk pakcik/abg tu start enjin again n again, but the car not seem to be cooperative.huh. and kitorang disuruh keluar, cari taxi laen :'(

tengah-tengah jam tu, mana nak cari taxi?10 minit jugak tunggu, takda tanda-tanda jam akan reda. All the vehicles dekat jalan tu were like static.tak bergerak langsung, not an inch. and that's when kitorang decided tio just walk.

tak sampai 10 minit pun jalan, jam pun dah reda sikit, tiba-tiba ada tramco kosong, kitorang tahan, tanya die pergi Manshia tak? Driver tu kata tak. okie sedeyy. but instead, die cakap, he's heading to Shatby! mcm tak percaya je. So kitorang balik naek tramco dr smouha ke shatby, sorang bayar segehnih je. :')

what an experience!

At last sampai jugak rumah safe n sound, Malam tu, penat gila, sampai Fariez boleh tertido waktu main game, kalau baca buku tertido boleh terima lagi.Anyway..

November 26, 2011

A wedding in November

Salam Maal hijrah u'olls..

I love a new event, a new day sebab bila bangun tidur rasa bersemangat, rasa macam really fresh and macam i'm completely a new person with new spirit.cewah. Perasaan yang sama macam hari pertama pergi sekolah, hari pertama ramadhan, hari pertama  on a new year, hari pertama berumur 24 tahun. kan.. kan best kalau hari-hari feels like a new day.

Esok will be completely a new day for Emi (Anak ! Nak kawan dah kawan ai y sorang ni. Emi yang penuh dengan kisah cinta hehehe. Anyway, ni je pun kawan lelaki y boleh la kire rapat dengan Fariez. Kawen dengan blogger Cik Linda. Sadly, kita cannot attend korang punye wedding, but surely gonna pray for your happiness.Tahniah & Selamat Pengantin Baru :)

November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #5

 Blue Mushroom - with a scent of anise

November 19, 2011

Selepas hujan

Jangan sedih-sedih bila hujan, sebab lepas hujan nanti
 Allah hadiahkan kita langit cerah yang cantek sangat 
Kena sabar sikit :')

#np tunggu sekejap-P Ramlee

 Rumah sewa, Shatby, Alexandria lepas hujan, 18Nov2011

November 13, 2011

Red Sea Snorkelling

10am at the moment ,at least that's what the clock on the wall shows.Fariez dah siap-siap nak pergi kelas, that's  when i decided to ask Nana, "Community Medicine's Department on which floor "  Then Nana asked me back, kelas pukul 12 kan? Dang! Kelas pukul 12 la.

so here's me. dah siap-siap nak pergi kelas, tapi cam hoi awal gila lagi kot! So Fariez decide nak update blog - pasal trip Hurgada hari tu. wehuu.You see, no trip to Hurgada will be completed without snorkelling or diving. Basically, exploring the underwater of Red Sea is a must !

Honestly, during the trip semua orang decided untuk snokerling je, sebab for god sake, i'm afraid of diving! I'm afraid of i-do-not-know-what. Padahal matlamat nak pergi Hurgada adalah diving, tapi sampai sana jadi penakut macam ayam. heh.

The traveler tour pick up kitorang quite early in the morning. Ni la cabin cruise y bawak kitorang pergi coral area & Paradise Island. oh, kitorang bayar only 80 egyption pound for the whole 7 hours trip, including lunch and all the equipment for snorkelling. Murah sangat-sangat kan?

The huge coral can even be viewed from the cabin deck !

 ini Tkay (pronounce as te-kay ) my housemate, ready for snorkelling! 


The only disadvantages owning a camera during a trip is, u rarely have your pic taken. And if there's any, the pictures usually come out blur. pfffft 

 i bought underwater housing for my camera. i was in  real hesitation to bring the camera into water,like  seriously kalau masuk air macam mane? 

But at last,when we were about to leave the coral site, and selepas mengumpul segala keberanian, slowly i took the camera together into water. and tada! Ade la jugak sekeping dua pictures. but they are nothing to be proud of.

overall, Fariez sangat- sangat satisfied with the trip and i'm highly recomment u all pergi sana. please dont make any judegemnet bout the underwater view base on my only 4 pics. they are nothing seriously, compare to the real thing inside.They are actually huge colourfull corals, with gorgeous fishes swimming all around the the coral. Besar kecik semua ada. even they are fishes which are doubled size of me!

That's all i guess. i'm going to school now! Da~

November 11, 2011

aktiviti malam 11.11.11

Kitorang tengah mode bercuti lagi. malam karang baru nak on mode belajar :P
nak update blog pasal Hurgada tapi masih bermalas-malasan. 
Alhamdulillah baju-baju pergi hurgada semua fariez da setelkan,
semua dah basuh dan dah kering. betul-betul lega :)

Semalam beraktiviti di Camp Ceasar, bakar satay! nyum nyum nyum!

siap dengan kuah kacang, dan nasi impit! (favourite fariez tu) Terrrbaeek la!
 dah habis bakar satay, bakar ubi keledek pulak. nikmat tau makan panas-panas.

Selesai makan,aktiviti seterusnya? marathon movies!!  sempat la tengok 3 action movies.
Fariez jarang tengok movie sbb rasa tak best tengok sorang-sorang, kali ni seronok, tengok ramai-ramai.
kiranya, aktiviti malam ni penutup untuk cuti raya haji dah berlalu.

Semangat nak belajar pun dah refill balik. harap-harap boleh focus belajar lagi sebulan, 
and study hard untuk final akan datang! chaiyok2! 

November 02, 2011

So excited!

for tomorrow gonna be our last day in Forensic department and holidays are waiting! wee ~
Me and Tkay are going to the beach! i hope  that everything gonna be just fine.just fine. 

October 30, 2011

Selesai 3 perkara. Assignment salah satu.

Ada lagi berapa hari je lagi nak habis round Forensic n toxicology,3 hari lagi to be exact. kalau ada y tertanya-tanya, fariez dah pergi tgk mayat ke, bedah-bedah mayat ke. Jawapan : hahahha manade kelas forensic kitorang tgk mayat, banyak lagi bende lain yang nak kena belajar selain dari tgk-tgk mayat okie. Kalau amik degree forensic ye kot,mmg itu aje la keje nye kot. (agaknya la)

So far, for the past 3 weeks, Fariez dah belajar baaaaaaaaanyak benda. cewah. Antaranya, erm.. macam mana nak describes wounds;contused, lacerated,incised, stab wound, causes of deaths in any wounded persons,each wounds kena tahu what kind of instrument that has been used. Macam senang je kan?

Fariez belajar jugak macam mana nak tulis death certicifate, macam senang jugakla,tapi i aware that it wont be that easy peasy when i'd to do it for real.even waktu exam practical nanti (osce) mesti macam gelabah tak tahu nk tulis.haha. Biasalah sympathetic rush.

Kelas yang macam menarik, and fariez tak pernah terpikir kena belajar is Ballistic class; in which kitorang kena belajar types of fireguns (tak bnyk pun adela 2 3 jenis,but still..), the mechanism of firing, the bullets, it's types and it's overall structures. Lepas tu belajar firearm injury,how the injuries look like, how to estimate the distances of the assailant from the victims, and so on, banyak kot.

Kelas CSI belajar pasal evidences, circumstance,belajar finger prints, test-test y digunakan untuk check darah n semen, Genetic markers, illegal abortion, belajar case infanticide (bunuh baby baru lahir), child abuse case, sexual abuse, sodomy( liwat), rape case and what to do during examination of the victims.

oh banyaknya nak kena baca!

itu baru forensic, Toxicology basically belajar pasal poison,belajar jugak psl drugs abuse, toxic seeds, senang cerita semua jenis keracunanan la kitorang belajar, dengan presentation of patients, together with the line of treatments. Ala-ala kelas pharmacology gitu. fariez suka jugak la, sbb macam senang,(read: MACAM senang ), yela, baca je pun. Tapi, ngeh3 baru 2 jenis drugs frz baca. (hurm, insyallah, i'll do my best habiskan baca before masuk Family Medicine )

Alih-alih sekarang , dah nak habis posting dan nak exam dah pun.

Actually, tadi baru habis je assignment presentation,Honestly, Fariez mmg sgt sgt tak prepare (the truth is i'm so not a fan in doing assignment,i'm lacking of confident, and have big trouble in pronunciation, tapi itu la, practice make perfect kan, walaupun tak de la improve much, at least skng dah takde tremors :) .So on the way nak pergi kelas td selawat dah bnyak2 sepanjang jalan nak ke tram station.Cuak tau. Doc Aber nampak macam perfectionist, so fariez takutla presentation ni tak below her expectation. Fariez doa jugak, mintak2 Doc cancel presentatipon hari ni, lol :P kalau cancel macam la nak prepare  lagi, tak ada nye.. pastu doa kalau tak cancel pun, harap2 doc puas hati dgn presentation kitorang,

Alhamdulillah, Doc Aber happy. She was very satisfied and generously gave all of us a full marks!! fuh lega.*lap-lap peluh* Sebab hati senang, Fariez spend sikit masa menaip dekat blog ni.

oh ya, nmpk kat twitter td, hani cakap elaun bulan 11 dah masuk, like seriously, wah~ mcm tak percaya! Elaun bulan 10 pun tak usik lagi, elaun bulan 11 dah masuk. so malam ni dinner dekat San Stefano la :)

October 26, 2011

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities

Ada sukan PERUBATAN this coming few weeks,dan  saya excited ! sebab ade netball game, each university kena hantar 2 team. Nana n Nisa had decided that our Netball team akan join. So semalam dah start turun padang, bukan training pun..cuma main sempoi-sempoi je. Akibatnya harini badan aching all over.

Nak tahu why that i'm so excited bout playing netball, of course la sebab netball ni is a vey healthy game and fun at the same time, lagi pun ini aje la game yang Fariez pandai main.kekeke :P

Anyways, looking around for the past few years,Fariez felt gratefull sgt for getting to play with these so talented friends. To name a few of them; Nisa, Dill  & Nana Ain the shooters, An as the C , Yani, Hanum, Izo the defenders.They are all great players, really-- and for the teamspirit that have been built, and all the bitter sweet memories, really i'm very gratefull for that.

For this is my very last game in Egypt,i definitely gonna give my very best, sure winning isn't everything, but trying to win is matter.

October 20, 2011

count your blessings

Dah 2 minggu round Forensic & Toxicology!
so i've been noticing lately, the time is passing faster than usual. even sometimes, i get confuse, kenapa masa bergerak so quickly nowadays, is it just a false feeling? but why it feels so real ?

anyway, hari ni kelas habis quite early, by 1.30pm fariez already dekat rumah. itupun fariez singgah kedai beli roti,susu,gula, makarona dulu. n not to mention that i'm having a great time walking slowly along the pavement in a very bright breezing weather.fariez tak reti nk describe the weather like exactly,but seriously today's weather is simply marvellous!

teringat semalam, fariez semangat berkongsi cerita gembira dengan seorang ni, lepas tu dia ulang-ulang menyebut ."kul Alhamdulillah"(arabic) dalam bahasa melayu, sebutlah Alhamdulillah. 

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah.

Waktu gembira selalunye ingat ,but when it come to a rough time, waktu  sedih ada masalah dan stress, waktu tu, almost forget to count our blessing. Padahal waktu-waktu macam tula, kita kena lagi-lagi dekat dengan-Nya,and even closer.

betul kate Irma, be thankfull all the time and we'll never be sad.

October 12, 2011

takde hati

semalam fariez tidur lama gila sampai rasa macam tulang belakang dah takde.
Terus bangun cepat-cepat sebab takut!lol

 menyesal tangguh2 baca lectures, sbb pagi ni baca sejam lepas tu dah tak larat! continue jugak baca tapi  baca tanpa perasaan.Fariez baca tulisan kat bungkusan makanan pun ade feel lagi. shesssh, menci la bila there's only written words to be memorized. i hate the book it self! tak menarik.

Semalam hujan kat sini. tak tahu la lebat ke tak, sbb fariez tidu tak sedar apa. huwaa~ winter is approaching! 

October 09, 2011

Kushari /Koshary

Egyptian food :Koshary :mixed macaroni dengan kacang kuda n lentil served with salsa (spicy tomato sauce) and garlic sauce. Special koshary ada kibdah (hati masak . Sedap di makan ketika perut lapar dan waktu gap antara kelas. 

October 07, 2011

6th year !

Ladies n gentleman, i'm now in my 6th year! My final year!

still, I am rolling in disbelief ,because years that had past just feel like yesterday.
esok dah start kelas, fariez akan posting forensic for weeks! OMG forensic, doesn't it sound interesting? but a friend of friend of mine said forensic has nothing much to offer and such it's such a boring course.Really? Though i believe people may have difference opinion and their reactions towards things may varies. I might enjoy Forensic while he's not. tengok la nanti macam mana kan.

erm,It's breezing here, i'm not sure bout the season we are in, but i love the weather so much. It's no longer boiling hot like before, and it's not winter yet. Just a nice weather. Sesuai la kalau nak pergi kelas berjalan kaki. uh? :P well, kite tgk la nanti macam mana.

Seriously dah tahun 6?

let's start kicking to the fullness!

October 02, 2011

counting days

Months to go.

Tapi rasa berdebar macam apa.
I need to do things.all by my own.
Mak cakap, kita tak seorang,Allah ada..

Semoga semua berjalan lancar.Amin ya Rab.


September 30, 2011

lagu gembira on air

sy betul-betul hyper hari ni. terlebih gula i guess.

2 hari lepas adalah hari yang bahgia. Alhamdulillah. Hari ni laaaagi gembira :)
Benar sungguh kata-kata sang pujangga, hujan tak pernah berpanjangan.

eh, dah pukul sepuluh malam! ada date! :)


September 28, 2011

mungkin kebetulan

bila kita teringat dekat orang tu, selalunya org tu pun tgh igt dekat kita? yeke?
susah nak percaya la, kalau betul pun,mungkin hanya kebetulan.

so ini cerita tentang kebetulan.

Weekend hr tu Fairuz datang Sitiawan ada kursus yang kena attend, petang Ahad sebelum Fairuz berangakt balik ke Shah Alam, singgah ke rumah Fariez untuk makan tengah hari. Langkah kanan Fairuz hari tu, sebab kebetulan jiran-jiran Fariez buat masak-masak dekat rumah. Masak tengah hari lauk kampung.Menunya: Nasi putih, ikan masin dan ikan goreng, sotong masak tumis, taugeh dan tauhu masak lemak, siap dengan kerabu mangga dan sambal belacan buah bacang.Memang best!

Lepas makan, kami duduk di ruang tamu sambil tengok album-album lama. Tengah selak-selak album tiba-tiba jatuh gambar yang terselit2 dr album tu.opss, gambar yang disorok! Fariez pun dah lupa kewujudan gambar- gambar tu. Cepat-cepat Fariez sorok balik! Takut kecik pulak hati Fairuz.Dia mintak nak tengok.

Gambar kawan lelaki waktu sekolah di Ahmad Boestamam, Fadli namanya. Sebelum dia pindah sekolah dia sempat bagi Fariez gambar tu . Untuk di simpan buat kenang-kenangan :) .itu  kisah 10 tahun yang lepas, hehe kelakar betul zaman kanak-kanak. Fariz ingat gambar tu dah terbuang atau hilang ke mana-mana,tak sangka pulak ada terselit2 dalam album.

Tengok-tengok hari ni, ada orang bg msg di Facebook, mintak izin nk add jd friend di facebook. Rupa-rupanya dia la org yang dalam gambar tu. tak sangka betul. lepas 10 tahun boleh berjumpa lagi. 

September 25, 2011

Sabar 50%

Weekend yang paling penat sepanjang cuti ni! (tak cukup tidur sbnarnya)
Banyak konflik dan drama, tapi alhamdulillah, lepas sudah. Alhamdulillah.

Sepatutnya malam ni Fariez bermalam di rumah Nani, dan spend masa dgn die esok. Tapi, itula, manusia ni,cuma mampu merancang. Kalau sudah ketentuanya tak ade jodoh untuk bertemu, buat la macam mana pun... Paksa jugak diri untuk terima kenyataan. Lusa Nani akan bertolak ke Ireland :( ni 1st time tak jumpe Nani langsung dalam setahun!

Padahal plan macam-macam.. nak pergi beraya di Penang,nak tangkap udang dan mandi sungai, Jalan-jalan ke Singapore, bercuti di Pangkor. Tapi akhirnya, jumpe pun tak sempat !

dengan Ika pun sekali je jumpe!OMG. itu pun sekejap sangat, pergi beraya ke rumah Emi (anak Perak) beraya dengan kawan-kawan SMAB yang lain pun tak. Tak tahu nak cakap mcm mana kat Ika.

Cuti ni, Fariez hidup dalam dunia sendiri. Tak contact orang sgt, yelah, hp habis bateri tak cas-cas. dah masuk 4 minggu dah tak guna hp (no celcom) satu hp lagi (no digi) tak top up pun, boleh call free kan, buat ape topup :P

Sedar tak sedar lagi seminggu lagi cuti nak habis!

banyak lagi bende tak settle tapi Fariez happy, sebab at least ade jugak progression :)
Semoga berjalan lancar semua yang dirancang, kalau ada dugaan n ujian, harap-harap hati ini sabar.

P/s : sangat banyak benda yang nak kena belajar ! Bab Sabar tak habis-habis lagi.

September 20, 2011

seminggu sudah

Da seminggu Fairuz warded, sian dia tau .. Alhamdulillah, sekarang die tak lagi duduk di bilik icu. walaupun dekat icu banyak nurse-nurse yang cun (hehehe) sy tau tak best kan. i guess Fairuz was admitted icu sbb  bloodpressure sgt rendah & severey dehydrated (bibir dia kering dan pecah-pecah) . Doctor cakap paru-paru dia masuk air. Lama jugak Fariez fikir apalah medical term untuk paru-paru masuk air.Nani cakap pneumonia la!

Bila a person kena denggi, diorang punya capillary permeability akan increase, cecair-cecair plasma keluar dan berkumpul di ruang pleura (tak tahu term bahasa melayu nye apa) sebab tu la patient akan dehydrated dan  hypotension /tekanan darah rendah. Very low blood pressure menyebabkan shock (Dengue shock syndrome) mortality rate adalah 50% kalau tak dirawat.bahaya kan!

Fairuz tanya Hematocrit tu apa? sebab dia dengar Doc cakap Hematocrit die sgt tinggi. Fariez cakap, maksudya darah awak pekat. Maksudnya bilangan redcell dalam darahnya tinggi, tak silap Fariez kalau disebabkan oleh dehydration, ia adalah false high hematocrit. Bilangan redcell dalam darah tak tinggi tapi cecair plasma yang berkurang.

Malam semalam Fairuz bagitahu dekat lengan dia ada tompok merah-merah kecik. Teringat dekat kelas Doc ada ajar macam mana nk bezakn insectbite dgn petichae. Apa lagi, fariez suruh la Fairuz test sendiri dekat lengan die tu.Fairuz ckp Bila bintik-bintik merah tu tak hilang sekejap lepas kita tekan dia. Mungkin itu adala petichae di mana salur-salur darah kecil bawah lengan dia pecah tambh pula platlet rendah.

Disebabkan Demam Denggi ataupun dengue fever bukanlah penyakit yang ada di Egypt, so kitorang blaja pasal denggi macam tu macm tu aje. Fariez tak tahu yang pesakit denggi tak dibenakan untuk gosok gigi.Tapi logik la kan, bila platelet (Agen pembeku darah) rendah even dengan mengosok gigi boleh menyebabkan pendarahan yang tak henti-henti.

Selepas seminggu ni, Fariez dah lega skit. Fairuz dah boleh ketawa bila org buat kelakar. Kalau tak.. entahlah, tak tahu nk ckp mcm mne. Fairuz mcm jd org lain. hehe waktu di icu hr tu, senyum pun tak. Depression mungkin. Lepas dapat pau kaya baru senyum sikit.(itu pun makan secubit dua)

Ayuh doa semoga Fairuz cepat sembuh. cepat-cepat dapat keluar dr hospital. Semoga dia tak benci hospital  dan tak serik nk dtg hospital.yelah hospital kan bakal menjadi rumah kedua bakal-bakal doc.

September 15, 2011

cepat sihat!

tak boleh nak lelapkan mata. teringat-ingat org kat sana.
harap-harap dia cepat sembuh,sihat macam selalu..

September 07, 2011

sepintas raya

Pagi tadi dekat Motivasi pagi,Ustaz tu cakap, raya kita sehari je. org Malaysia je yang raya sampai sebulan. hehehe. Selamat berhari Raya ke-7!

Tahun ni raya di Langkawi, kampung sebelah mak.Seminggu duduk kat sana. Meriah dengan makanan u olls. Sepupu Fariez sorang tu,sangat rajin memasak, masakan dia memang the best la.Ketupat palas ada,ketupat daun kelapa ada, nasi impit ada, rendang ayam dan daging dan yang special ada Somtam, dengan ayam kering makan sama pulut (makanan thailand)

Gambar abang takde, sebab die balik raya kedua,ni semua gambar-gambar hari raya pertama. Ala, ini aje pun gambar yang ada.Fariez asyik snap gambar Johan (anak sedara yang pertama) je. Nanti la Fariez rajin-rajin nak masukkan dekat blog gambar Johan.Johan sangat comel!

Raya ni, tahun 1st Fariez bersalam raya dengan mak tanpa menangis, tahan punya tahan hahaha, berjaya jugak. Tapi mak pulak yang menangis :P Tahun ni Fariez takde buat mak sedih macam tahun lepas. horey! Semoga tahun depan boleh jadi lebih baik, insyaAllah.

Hari Raya pertama, lepas solat sunat raya,aktiviti dari pagi sampai petang, menziarah family belah mak. Adek beradek mak anak sedara sepupu sepapat dia semua tinggal dekat Langkawi.kekasih lama mak pun ada dekat Langkawi ni.opss :P

Sekarang orang sibuk ber-open house & kenduri kawen. Pesanan Fariez satu je,jaga makan. Takut lepas raya terlebih berat badan pula :)

September 06, 2011

Eid Fitri

ade sape2 ke singgah blog ni?

Selamat Hari raya untuk yang singgah,
Mohon Maaf seikhlas hati.
Haih, singgah blog ape dapat..
singgah la rumah, kuih raya bnyak lagi ni :)

August 24, 2011

August 22, 2011

our last!

The momentum has fall a bit though.You see, I'm no different from an ultraman with blinking red light.
but to realize that nothin in this world happen by chances, Trustfully, there must be an effort behind. Thus i must not giving in.never. 

August 21, 2011

Dgn dunianya

salam. hye!

esok saya ada paper derma (final) 10 pagi esok to be exact.
tapi seriously, i'm not ready. not yet. teruk dan mengada kan.
padahal ada 15 lecture je. baca laju-laju bape jam pun dah boleh habis.
mengadanya nak mengantuk la, nak tido la apa lah.

why la sy mcm ni.. T_T

Now. sy dalam dillema. Nak tido atau tak?
simple thing pun cannot decide.


August 15, 2011


tak dapat jawab pun opthal tadi, buku teks opthal pulak hilang.
sedih. dah mgadu dekat mak, mak tanya akak tak study ke?

mestila study..tapi tak cukup lagi agaknya.
kena hafal semua benda betul-betul,
dan paham betul-betul.
jawab past year Questions banyak-banyak.

berkecamuk semua isi dlm kotak kepala  ni.


August 14, 2011


August 13, 2011


ku punya rancangan,
untuk pergi tinggalkan 'dunia' ini
mulakan baru semuanya.

August 10, 2011

wordless wednesday #3

Flow in Psychology

Csíkszentmihályi identifies the following ten factors as accompanying an experience of flow
  1. Clear goals. Moreover, the challenge level and skill level should both be high.
  2. Concentrating, a high degree of concentration on a limited field of attention (a person engaged in the activity will have the opportunity to focus and to delve deeply into it).
  3. loss of the feeling of self-consciousness, the merging of action and awareness.
  4. Distorted sense of time, one's subjective experience of time is altered.
  5. Direct and immediate feedback (successes and failures in the course of the activity are apparent, so that behavior can be adjusted as needed).
  6. Balance between ability level and challenge (the activity is neither too easy nor too difficult).
  7. A sense of personal control over the situation or activity.
  8. The activity is intrinsically rewarding, so there is an effortlessness of action.
  9. A lack of awareness of bodily needs (to the extent that one can reach a point of great hunger or fatigue without realizing it)
  10. Absorption into the activity, narrowing of the focus of awareness down to the activity itself, action awareness merging.
Not all are needed for flow to be experienced.

(copy paste frome wiki)

August 09, 2011

Great People Sleep Less?

So sekarang 5.21 am.

Sepatutnya Fariez tido skng. sebab semalam tido lewat pukul erm 1 pagi mcm tu (tertido sebenarnya) pukul 3 dah bangun semula untuk sahur dan aktiviti sewaktu dengannya. tweeting termasuk sekali.dah 2-3 hari mcm ni.

Sepatutnya tido pukul 11 mlm, bangun pukul 3 pagi, sahur dan kemudian sambung tido lagi.Ini for the sake of tido yang cukup. Lepas SPM. Fariez sangat particular pasal tido.I need at least 4 hours of undisturbed sleep.If ada org kacau, i'll take another cycle of 4 hours sleep again. Over kan.

Sebab dah serik, masa form 4 n form 5 selalu stay up gila-gila, sampai subuh.Energetic je masa study, sbb mmg semangat study. Tambah-tambah ada geng. Geng ABC yang difitnah selalu stay up malam-malam n buat ketupat(if only u understand what ketupat means). mulut jahat mana ntah y buat cerita! Padahal kitorang study kot. anyway, maybe sbb doa-doa org teraniaya ni Allah makbulkan we got straight As instead.Alhamdulillah. Eceh. mengimbau kenangan pula.

Tapi mmg terigt pun kat kat Taiping, pagi-pagi waktu mcm ni. Sejuk. Fariez punya bilik tingkat atas. tapi tak tahu la kenapa kalau stay up duk dekat floor bawah (surau floor bawah) sampai Nani pun merajuk,Sbb frz tinggalkn die study sorang-sorang dekat atas :P . port study, meja menghadap tingkap yang nampak hutan-hutan.Tak ramai y mampu bertahan stay up sampai pagi, tapi ramai yang bangun pagi-pagi untuk study.

ah, itu cerita lama.Fariez sbnrnya terpengaruh dgn artikel dekat sekolah, ada tampal board tangga between Koop n Pejabat (Ahmad boestamam). Ada satu artikel pasal tidur. Dia cakap tidur tak semestinya cukup 6-8 jam (like what i used to believe) It's all depends on the person her/himself, if u are a growing baby, yes u need extra sleep. Ada yang cukup je tido for 4-5 hours and it's more than enough.Not that inspiring me to stay up. but later in the article.

It was mention that many great people in the world sleep lesser than a normal person used to. and because of their real enthusiasm toward things that they've been doing  some of them were staying awake for even days. to mention some name: well, i barely can recalled the names, but Frz igt ada gmbr  Albert Einstein &amp;amp;amp; Sir Isaac Newton together with the article.

So that makes me thinks, if i'm enthusiastic enough towards the subject, i may end up reading/studying it for hours not to fear of losing focus or get bored of it. It's logic to me at that particluar time la. Fariez masa tu form 1.hingusan lagi, but i tell ya my ambitions were HUGE !

ikut kira-kira Fariez masa tu, if tido 7-8 hours per day, 56jam.maka dalam seminggu adalah 2 hari lebih kau tido aje. kalau tido 4 jam only, i'm going to have an extra one day. Logik? Logik pada akal i did practice doing that, sleep less than a normal person.and i've been an extraordinary once. Nak tahu what i get out of that?

Best student untuk 2-3 subjek.1st place dalam class straight 3 tahun.more? 1st place dalam batch  masa form 1 while 2nd dalam batch during form 2 and form 3. ( it was a handsome Indian boy who took my place) i was his big enemy since then.haha. He's doing medic jugak. uh, macam korang kesah.

Anywayy, the biggest success masa tu, bila fariez was awarded as a best student peringkat daerah Manjung (untuk sekolah harian) :') of course ramai lagi yang cemerlang, far better than me from sekolah berasrama. Pelik jugak.may be i've extra sport activities kot, netball here n there, kumpulan nasyeed sekolah,melukis for anti dadah every year, lontar peluru &amp;amp;amp; rejam lembing , yeah maybe that's why. or maybe I was just lucky. Not? Allah know best.

But the down side of it, i'm not good in socializing with people. i don't know how to entertained people or make friends.Jarang sangat hangout, outing sama-sama dengan kawan. I care more bout myself, i dont bother myself to wait for others. Pergi dewan makan sorang-sorang pun tak kisah. senang cerita i'm leaving i'm own life. ada jela, kawan tapi tak macam isi dengan kuku.oh ya. Asmaliza n Azulainey study group dgn Fariez. They help me so much.

Nah, itu cerita klasik. Ada apa dengan barang y lepas?

Sekarang i'm living more or less a normal life. like majority of community did. Study when i feel like studying, or study when the subject caught my interest, study when exam is just near the corner. Watch movie, RM ,drama, when i feel like doing so, blogging, blogwalking &amp;amp;amp; tweeting when im boring, did some religious &amp;amp;amp; motivational reading in between. Sometimes i play games to kill the times and i'm on skype most of time.Make friends, pastu hangout &amp;amp;amp; go shopping if i've extra money.The upmost important thing is i've a proper sleep (with light off ).

So kalau orang cakap, belajar medic tak cukup tido.Sure, I've no objection against that fact, tapi me myself to be very honest, for the past (almost) 5 years, i had enough sleep and even (most of the time) terlebih-lebih tidur..Lemak betul saya ni. (tipu la kalau cakap tak myesal, jeles (sikit) dengan org y mantob gila study pagi ptg siang malam (housemate sy le tew). but yeah, this is what i choose.

Sequale nya tak tahu la bagus ke tak life macam ni.For the time being it's STRESS-less.
but it's not so PRODUCTIVE as well.Dalam 24jam sehari nak dibahagikan dengan semua macam kerja,(kerja?) berapa sangat lah masa yang tinggal untuk study?

wah, panjangnya  type. tak sedar okie. Konklusinya, I need my beauty sleep like right now!! (since fariez baru tidur 2 jam).

Taa Darling~

August 08, 2011

Seminggu berlalu

Hari berlalu pantas dalam bulan Ramadhan!
Kalau terleka pasti tertinggal.

Jangan dipersia-siakan nya..
andai ini yang terakhir kali..

August 05, 2011

Of Ramadhan

kalau lah blog ni umpama diari, mesti da penuh berentry-entry cerita fariez tulis. Semua cerita gembira, suka,cerita kejayaan, harapan, sakit hati, benci, kecewa mengisi ruang blog ni. Mungkin boleh tulis semua bende lepas privatekan blog. Nak privatekan blog ni soon.or mungkin blog ni akan ditinggalkan dan berupdate dan Fariez buat blog baru. tengoklah macam mana.

Bulan Puasa orang selalu cakap banyak dugaan.. kalau nak pikir dugaan makanan, eleh apa la sangat. Fariez bersyukur jugak la,sebab sekarang ni takde nafsu nak makan sangat. Berbuka takat masak simple-simple pun dah gembira .Kalau kat Malaysia, semua jenis air kalau boleh nak beli, air tebu, air cendol, soya, air kelapa, Milo ais.semua pun nak beli. Kuih macam-macam jenis, paling2 mesti ada murtabak, karipap, popia.

sekarang rasa sgt bersyukur semua benda tu takda, no such things as bazar ramadhan dekat Mesir.Lalu nafsu makan  lebih terkawal dan berat badan jugak. Alhamdulillah.

Setakat hari ni, setiap hari Fariez bangun sahur.bangun sahur sendiri dan bersahur pun sendirian. Housemate fariez semua jenis tak bersahur. kuat betul diorang, tapi rugila, bersahur kan dapat pahala.Paling-paling pun bangun untuk minum air dan makan sebiji kurma.Bangun sahur awal sikit sempat la nak buat solat sunat.Kalau orang-orang y ada jemaah mungkin la selalu Qiam. Fariez bila kira bape kali je bangun untuk solat sunat tgh malam. Sorang-sorang mmg tak kuat. Tapi bila ramadhan macam takda alasan je kalau tak solat sunat.

Sebab tu selalu rasa berdebar-debar setiap kali datang Ramadhan.takut jadi orang yang rugi, takut ramadhan berlalu tanpa kesan. Takut kalah dengan diri sendiri. Sebab before ni , kalau tak kuat mungkin la sebab terhasut dengan bisik-bisik syaitan, sekarang kalau malas, kemalasan itu la diri kita sebenar.  Malu kan..Malu dengan diri sendiri. Malu dengan Allah.

Tahun ni berazam nak khatam dua kali. Tapi hari ke 5 puasa, baru berapa juzu' je y sempat baca. Sedih :'( Penat Fariez pikir macam mana orang boloeh khatam 2 3 kali.Fariez rasa mcm tak mampu je. Semalam tido dalam perasaan kecewa dan sedikit putus asa. Mimpi pulak dasyat-dasyat. Kuat betul pengaruh perasaan dengan mimpi.

Ramadhan kali ni, banyak spend masa dekat rumah je. Alhamdulillah untuk tu, kurang lagi dugaan. Takde la berpeluh menahan bahang ala-ala padang pasir. Duduk dalam bilik berkipas lagi. Tapi dugaan lain pulak.. nak study...oi, bukan main susah.

Oh ya, mak pun senasib dengan Fariez. Bersahur sorang-sorang. berbuka pun sorang-sorang. Sebak betul hati dengar. Mak memang la buat mcm tak kisah je.tapi kita yang dengar ni. luluh hati kot. Fariez bukan lah anak baek sgt selalu buat mak susah hati,adik-adik pun tak puas hati dengan fariez, tambah-tambah pasal kes nak kawin.ntahla. tapi bla jadi mcm ni fariez rasa geram pun ada. Kak idah tengah cuti, kenapa tak balik temankan mak dekat rumah? Mak kata, semua kan da besar, mak pun taknak paksa-paksa balik rumah.

Laju je Fariez cakap, "kalau mcm tu, kakak tak nak balik la cuti ni" dengan nada bergurau.

"Eleh, dekat mata tu da terbayang-bayang Malaysia.. Taknak balik konon. Mak dengan Ebob amik dekat KLIA nnt..."

August 02, 2011

Pushing self motivation button

I can almost see it.
That dream I'm dreaming, but
There's a voice inside my head saying
You'll never reach it
Every step I'm takin'Every move I make
Feels lost with no direction,
My faith is shakin'
But I gotta keep tryin'
Gotta keep my head held high

There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose
Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waitin' on the other side
It's the climb

The struggles I'm facing
The chances I'm taking
Sometimes might knock me down, but
No I'm not breaking
I may not know it, but
These are the moments that
I'm gonna remember most
I've just gotta keep goin', and
I gotta be strong
Just keep pushing on, cause

There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose
Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waitin' on the other side
It's the climb

July 31, 2011

kedai kopi

 Percaya atau tidak kawan punya potensi besar dalam mencorakkan personaliti seseorang. Dari gaya bercakap, pakaian, cara belajar, even money spending pun di pengaruhi oleh kawan. No wonder la masa kecik-kecik dulu Baba Fariez selalu sangat pesan, pergi sekolah pandai-pandai cari kawan.

Bila tahu betapa pentingnya kawan, Fariez  pun selalu la doa supaya Allah bagi Fariez kawan-kawan yang baek,  Anyway, baek tu a very general word kan. Istilah baek bagi Fariez, biar la Fariez yang tahu. 

 Can u tell that she's actually hiding something behind those smile? Selalu kita ni nampak happy, tapi lara hati hanya diri sendiri je yang tahu kan. Selagi mampu disimpan, simpanlaa.

 Erm, maybe this is a gift from Allah.

Pesanan pasal kawan yang Fariez belajar masa sekolah dulu:
Kalau kita sayang kawan kita, kita tak puji dia lebih-lebih, sebab dengan pujian itu, kita mungkin meletakan separuh kaki dia dalam neraka. Ni Iqoa yang pesan kat Fariez masa f5. So Fariez jarang puji orang like directly.

Tapi fariez kadang-kadang applykan teori macam laen. bila Fariez jumpe orang yang mulut manis sukaaa sangat puji-puji orang, Fariez automatik jadi alert. macam akan ada tulis dekat dahi org tu . Alert: mulut manis, jgn percaya sangat. :P

Anyway, Ramadhan Karem !