March 31, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl

malaysian dream girl tv show. ever heard bout that? it's a reality shows, im not sure whether it is shown on tv or not. this series has just no different from the American's next top model tv show. hahaha, i remember mak would said "berangan la org tue nk jd model" whenever i watched that shows. er, i never thought of being a i remember penah ;P (tp rs nk jadi tinggi cm model2 penah jugak la, so that i can be a good defender for my netball team.haha.)

hani,nana , liza la nie y promote cte tue. yeah la, sembang diorang2 je. n i noe nothing. dok aci r.. seriusly, i not that interested to find this tv shows on the net. i rather habeskn study or do sumthing kat lecture hall td, mmg semangat la.."balik rumah ptg karang nak study, study, study." but then tak tahu la, cmne leh terbukak kn.. hahaha (tak nk ngaku). n internet punlaju je kn..(sape nk bace buku anat nie, tuan punye buku da tgk cte ni??)

to hani>> yer, frz njoy tgk cte tue.n i totally agreed that it is not all about looks, it is actually confidence! if someone has the confidence,a feeling that things will happen in the way of what one xpect,then things would seem easier. erm,and people may ask how to have that feeling of confidence?? simple answer. be prepared! frz tgk skip2 je cte tue. erm, boleh la.frz suke cumel eh die tu.huhu.i would vote for her cause i think she is really being voting cause she's cute.he.not because she has the potential of being a model. the others gals, from my eyes, i cant actually differentiate which one is jay, which one is cindy, which one is bla bla bla.. nampk cm same je. (sumthing wrong with my eyes mungkin, or maybe cause im only watched some of the series so frz tak dapat nk cam sgt)

hani, nana, n liza would probably not at home now.diorang went out td, g makan besar. (mentang2 duet da masuk kn3. im not joining them, cause i decided tostay at home n study anatomy, for im will having a test for that subject tomoro. but sigh~..i end up tgk cte tu. teruk kn.

erm. cam kne stay up till the dead of nite je nie.. (TT) huhuhu~

n nape lagu nie terngiang2 kt telingga..(don't stop the music) PLiz stop thet music.anatomy2!

March 28, 2008

dare to try??

adat la setiap perlawanan/ pertandingan ada menang ada kalah.
kalau berniaga pulak mesti ade untung dan rugi.. betul la kn?
kalau takut kalah atau rugi, jangan berniaga ,jgn bertanding.. jadi permerhati bebas eh..
tapi kan.. kalau tak mencuba, siapa tahu yang kita mungkin akan, which one is better?tak cuba dan terus merase takut menerima kekalahan, atau melapangkan dada mencuba.

kalau fariez, yap..dulu fariez sgt2 takut nak hadapi kekalahan even a simple competition like lumbe lari ( sgt simple, org ckap, lari je la..ape masalah??) but yet, i was afraid to try.tapi sebenarnye deep in my heart, fariez rs cam menyesal.menyesal sebab tak bagi peluang kat diri sendiri untuk cuba. betul la kwn2 ckp, y not just give it a try. kalau tak cuba mane kite tahu setakat mane kemampuan kite. any how,a new me, da tak t akut kekalahan..da bnyak kali da rase kalah. kalah tue actually,tak la seteruk y fariez pikirkan. pasal kerugian berniaga pulak.. ya ya.. i finally know how it feel. tipu la kalau frz ckp..i'm happy n totally not having any sad feeling.but again it was not bad, besides frz rse nk cube lagi. seyes, it give me a spirit to try again n again.

kesimpulan y ringkas hari ini, untuk fariez, n sume y happen to read this, beranikan diri untuk mncuba!ayat biase kite dgr.."TANPA KEBERANIAN MIMPI TAK JADI KENYATAAN ( to emphasize sumthing>> mencuba untuk merokok, hisap dadah,atau perkara2 y seangkatan dgn nye is FORBIDDEN. ) bile da cube tue, buat sehabis baek. lapangkan dada untuk trima ape jua y bakal berlaku. plus, oneself shud keep this in mind..wutever will be happened to us, either it is good or not, it purely come from ALLAH, and yeah, ALLAH knows wut is the best for us. redha je eh. ;P wink*

rai, tokey nasi lemak.

kami senior tahun enam.( tak termasuk org y kt tgh )

konco2 gagah corner

all mine.hehehe

March 24, 2008


allergy is a disorder of immune system, happen when hypersensitive person xposed to any substances known as allergen, which maybe dust/pollen, medication such as aspirin, antibiotics, penicillin. erm, aside of that some may also have allergic to food like peanuts , santan >> which dayah, my dearest fren r allergic to.insect sting are also common cause of allergic.and even things that contact with skin can cause allergic (contact dermatitis) such as latex.

Gell & Coombs had described that they r four type of hypersensitivity reaction. they r Type 1, type 2, Type 3, and Type 4. ( write in roman no). n further restriction had been made that the word allergy is only refers to the type 1 hypersensitivity (which also known as Immediate hypersensitivity, because it is characterise as rapidly developing reaction of mast cell releasing mediators specially histamine)

here im going to list some common symptoms:
nose-runny nose (rhinitis)
eyes-redness, itching.
airways-sneezing, coughing, bronchoconstriction, wheezing & dyspnea* in severe case angioedema*
ear-fullness, pain, impaired hearing.
skin- rashes & hives.
GIT-abdominal pain, bloating*,vomiting, diarrhea.

u may ask why that i am so that bagus hr nie typing bout allergic. ( plus i read everything bout allergic) actually i get cough since 3 days ago. it is sooo annoying n it even hurt me very much at abdominal muscle n throat. the whole lecture can hear me coughing.and rs nak letak je tekak nie kt luar, bia die batuk sorang2. but to look at the good side, i dun sleep in the lecture.

till today, the cough doesn't seem to be recover plus it get worsen. so, i decides to go to nearby clinic accompanied by Yani. I meet specialist ENT. (ear nose throat).he just take a minutes to dignose. and first, he said 'u have allergic".2ndly, he prescript me a 2 drugs. for that 2 simple steps, i ve to pay him 60 egyptian pounds. one minutes service for 60.erm..

The grugs are 1st.Aerius tablet contain Desloratadine. ( adek bradek loratadin) it is non sedating,long acting, histamine antagonist with potent and selective peripheral H1 receptor antagonist.because of its long action duration, i just take it1 tablet per day.
oh.almost.this drug have addition anti inflammatory action.

and the 2nd drug is Cyrinol in syrup, shud take 1 teaspoon full, twice per contains pholcodine ( i never heard this one), ephedrine Hcl ( like familiar), erm and also Carbinoxamin Maleate. okie let go trough each drugs..

Pholcodine is a potent anti tussive. ( familiar with that words aren't ya?? ) well, i ll refresh your grey matter. anti tussive as written in Pharmacology tesk book is a drug which reduces cough by acting on peripheral or central nervous system compenant of cough reflex. here, the pholcodine work centrally, by suppressing the cough reflex.while the Ephedrine Hcl is a bronchodilator & decongestant.and the last,Carbinoxamine Maleate which is anti Histamine for symptomatic relief of bronchial allergic.

uhuk3.. ( still coughing)

erm, i noe soon or later, i'll completely recover and sure at that time i'll never forget this horrible time. uhuk3..and ya..doakn fariez eh.tq!

''one of the most valuable things we can
do to heal one another is listen to each other's stories "
-Rebecca Falls-

March 19, 2008

ade ape dgn posters?

i had never type like this long before.. but this internet sgt mengecewakan. mane pegi sume y fariez da type. wut a waste of my time!ces..

oke, i ll make it short.
last nite , i was awaked till almost 3 am without nescafe. amazing taw mende nie. slalunye before 10 da cm half da mate ni. i was doing posters for kempen JOM ke kuliah.the last one was the 7th. 7 X 3 points= 21.he ;D im not doing this posters for nothing. hoping to be the best section for this JOm ke KULIAH punye campaign.for each poster will give 3 points.anyway, im soo into this kinda art. i love colours. just having a feeling that colours can elevate my mood. [true2!].

perhaps, i'll stay up again to nite to revise Parasitology notes. some how, despite of appearance y mengelikn, parasite nie cm cumel jugak kot. like Shistosoma >> One of Trematode
[anyway, in simple words they r worms commonly known as flukes. A flat worm which can cause severe diseases if it enter your scared].

i was a bit late to lecture, and this news surprised me. Ida made 32 posters for the campaign by her own. pergh.. 32 x 3 96 points.96 is wow! bnyak tue..sadly she is not from my section. [ still hoping my section will be the best section for this campaign.]

soo glad im SEction 5 member!

March 17, 2008

salad day

here come the spring.

here come a tragedy on the early of spring.

i hardly wish that i cud turn the time back..
i dun need it!
but now, i am desperately need it.
whoever can make it, pliz take me back to 1 am, 17 March 08.


early morning, 17 march
i had told someone bout my big top secrets.
which i am forbidden to tell anyone.
which i had earlier agreed to keep it to only me & myself.
which i wud be so very ashamed if i burst it out.
which for months i managed to ignore it..
but, i was not aware at that time...

did i the one who burst it out???


what else can i do?? to delete a his memories.
to make him forget all the thing that i said.i can do nothing..
feel like i wanna set sail to other planet, Pluto maybe??
n erase my existent in this little that i no more need to face all this thing.
[but life in Pluto wud be bored to death]

i really not supposed to say anything at the very 1st time.


i just take this opportunity of having a blog
to xpress myself fully about anything.
n if u happen to read this.

just read. dun bother.

March 12, 2008

sell fish

marah nye.. :'((

fariez nk je jerit >> nape buat mcm tue???

pentingkn diri sendiri!! benci ! ! benci! benci!

bende simple cmni pun tak leh pikir... benci. :'((


March 10, 2008


here are simple step on how to get the most out of a lecture.

**before the lecture begins

1.Prepare for the lecture so that you will be more likely to predict the organization of the lecture. Check the course outline to see if the lecturer has listed the topic or key ideas in the upcoming lecture. If so, convert this information into questions to be answered in the lecture.

2.Come early to the lecture okie.(not during JOM KULIAH campaign only)

3.Sit as near to the front of the room as possible to eliminate distractions. And don't forget to turn off your cell-phone.

4.Have a proper attitude. Listening well is a matter of paying close attention.

**During the lecture. are goint to take a good note rite,so get your lecture paper and pencil or pen ready

2.Write down the title of the lecture, the name of the course and the date. Listen carefully to the introduction (if there is one). By knowing this outline, you will be better prepared to anticipate what notes you will need to take.

3.Copy what's written on the blackboard and transparencies, especially the outline. To make sure that you get everything, get in the habit of skipping words like "the" and "a" and make use of shorthand and abbreviations. Summarize your notes in your own words, not the instructor's.

Remember: your goal is to understand what the professor is saying, not to try to record, exactly, everything he or she says.

4.Jot down details or examples that support the main ideas. Take down examples and sketches which the lecturer presents.

5.If there is a summary at the end of the lecture, pay close attention to it.

6.At the end of the lecture, ask questions about points that you did not understand.

**After the lecture.

1. Revise your notes as quickly as possible, preferably immediately after the lecture, since at that time you will still remember a good deal of the lecture. Also it is a good idea to reread your notes within 24 hours of the lecture. (Dr Muhaya pun pesan bende nie jugak)

2. During the first review period after the lecture, coordinate reading and lecture notes.

3. Review your lecture notes at least once a week. Also, review the lecture notes before the next lecture.

March 08, 2008

special day.

takde kne mengena ngn election day oke.

btw, nmpaknye sume org sgt mengambil tahu pasal politik. pastu kat ym tue sume pakat2 buat status pasal parti pilihan hati. fariez lak buang mase bace status2 diorang kn..fariez tak leh la nk join. i noe nothing. secare jujur nye la, dulu fariez cam tak penah nak amik tahu langsung2 pasal politik kat malaysia nie.. (teruk tak??) tapi bile kawan fariez,Najihah, ayah die jadi calon Keadilan mase tue la start cam minat. sibuk2 je buat kempen tak rasmi ngn kawan2. pastue waktu BTN pulak, bertambah jugak la kesedaran.. sebenarnye penting untuk semua mengambil tahu, sebab nye nnt siapa lagi y nk rules negare Malaysia kalu bukan kite, anak2 mude harapan bangsa. but in my opinion, we shud first, balaja rajen2 get the best result..pastu,baru la bising2 pasal politik.more detail ? Malaysiakini

sebenarnye hari nie special sebab hari nie ialah hari wanita sedunia. gembire je sebab wanita2 di dunia di raikan..erm, mesti ramai y tak tahu pasal nie.. yelah sume sibuk pasal pilihan raye y ke 12.

fariez tak la celebrate pun hari wanita nie.. cume nye fariez rase bersyukur sebab lahir sebagai wanita di zaman sekarang. berbanding ngn wanita2 di zaman jahilliah yang dianggap hamba, anak perempuan di bunuh hidup2, katanye wanita membawa celaka. zalim kan..

alhamdulilah datang nye Islam, mengangkat martabat wanita.( terpikir2 ape maksud nye wanita hiasan dunia ??) tapi ade jugak bende y myedehkn..bile org cakap, wanita sekarang tak ubah mcm wanita zaman jahilliah..tambah2 lah bila teringat kata2 Rasulullah saw yang meyatakan kebanyakan ahli neraka adalah wanita. erm berpikir panjang fariez malam nie.. kite tergolong dalam golongan wanita y di cintai Allah atau yang Di murkai NYA?

okie, pape pun, Fariez gembire dilahirkn sebagai wanita. semoge fariez menjadi one of tiket untuk Baba masuk ke syurga. ameen.

P/s: fariez tue name lelaki eh?? erm.if it soo call me farieza. teringt kt aima. satu2 org y pangil fariez>> riez. now chem jadi org kedua y pgl fariez mcmtue.. both, aima n chem adalah wanita idaman malaya. jeles fariez~

March 07, 2008



by Natasha Bedingfield

I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined
I'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find

Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions

Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

Oh, oh, oh

I break tradition, sometimes my tries,
are outside the lines
We've been conditioned to not make mistakes,
but I can't live that way

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find

Oh, yeah, yeah

Luxor & Aswan

Dah 3 hari demam! =(.tapi st malas nk pegi klinik. hari2 mkn panadol hoping esoknye akan sehat.bcause of this fever fariez prefer not to talk much (talk on phone is exception.wink*) and im not going to type more thn 2 line. ouh it's already the 3rd line. got to go~

Click to play luxor aswan trip
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March 06, 2008

phone survey

kecewa betul. asyik mati je pokok y frz tanam. recently addicted to game y cumel>> Plant Tycoon.sambil2 tunggu pokok mature, i decide to do this survey. sgt takde keje la fariez nie..

Most people can't live without their
cell phone.. so here's a survey about
it.OK Go Grab your phone!

1. What color is your phone?
~~rED, white, n black

2. Who's the first person
who comes up under the letter M?
~~ Mai

3. Who's the last person you
~~ leyl

4. Who was your last missed
call from?
~~ leyl

5. Who's the 2nd person who
comes up under D?
~~ Dayah! aka Dotty

6. Who's speed dial 2?
~~ no number

7. Who's the 3rd person who
comes up under J?
~~ JOjie. no phone rumah kt perlis

8. Who was your last
received call?

9. Who's speed dial number 4?
~~oke. i dun use speed dial.

10. What is your background
~~gambr ape tue. abstract.i cant define but it has red,black n blue + grey sket.

11. How many text messages do u
~~ inbox-963, drafts-27, save items-3+11+743+14.and the total, kire sendiri la..

12. Who's in ur speed dial ?
~~ takde sape2.

13. What's the 5th message say in your
~~ Salam,norfarieza ape kaba?watpetu?da nk mkn ke?

14. Who's the 1st person who comes up
under B?
~~ Baba =((

15. Who was your last text message
~~ er, pass.

16. Name every person you have text
messages from:
~~biar betik soaln nie? sume??ramai maa.

17. Have you seen the 101 Chuck Norris
~~ no

18. Who's the 9th person on your missed
~~ 0125929434. no sape huh??

19. What does the 3rd message in
your Outbox say?
~~ no msg in outbox

20. Who is the first name in your
~~ Abang (Muhammad fariezul Jaafar)

March 04, 2008


im not kinda person who read horoscope. yup, im not used to read any cause i dun believe it. but i just come across this (i have no intention of searching for it) Quote from horoscope on 4th march for Capricorn, which i think is likeable. n i decided to post it here.

No one will ever do a better job of creating your future than you -- so why are you modeling your decisions on someone else's? Your vision of the future has to come from inside you, organically. You can't tread in someone else's footprints, no matter how deep those footprints might be. So stop looking at what other people are doing -- decide what you want, and then stand firm. Pay no attention to what others are doing. You are your own person, with your own destiny.

anyway,it is alrite to us to read the horoscope??

March 03, 2008

1st Meeting.

hari nie fariez datang awal ke lecture. malang nye waktu lecture sy asyik nantuk2 dan akhirnye tertido.waktu lecture anat sy tido dgn dasyatnye.teruk betul.sedar2 je Dr da nk kua. =(. semalm sy tak la tdo lewat,bgun pun tak la awal.erm betul kata kwn2 sy, klu kite tido tak cukp, akan ngntuk waktu pg, kalau tido terlebey pun akan bagi efek y same. maka selepas ini sy akakn makesure sy tak lebey n tak kurang tido.

lepas lecture td ade meeting, sy agakla, xcited sbb da lame tak pegi meeting.last meeting waktu sekolah dulu.kat sekolah dulu bnyak sgt meeting, kelab beruniform punye meeting ade tiap2 ari rabu n kedatangan adalah wajib,mase sekolah, sy AJK under Badan wakil pelajar Biro kebudaayan, pengerusi die slalu buat meeting.pengerusi tue satu kls ngn saya maka ouh,tak mampu untuk escape dari meeting, nak tak nk kne pegi , kalu tak die akan tnye macam2. satu lagi, kelab bitara,iaitu kelab majalah sekolah kelab ini adalah kelab yang pling banyak perjumpaan dan paling lama duration perjumpaan nye. penah smpai pkul 12 tgh mlm. erm..tapi sy suke perjumpaan klub bitara sebab member2 klub bitara sume best n sporting abes. sy boleh bising2 dlm perjumpaan tersebut. disebabkn sy masuk club bitara, sy dikecualikn dr membuat sebarang tesis y sepatutnye wajib bg sume pelajar2 MRSM. kami juge tak payah join Ceramah kewarganeraan(ceramah ala2 BTN) sy tau ramai y jeles dgn kami ahli2 bitara2.Waaa~rindu nye waktu tue..

eh da smpai mane nie...??

erm, smbung blik. tadi ade perjumpaan ALEX ACADEMIC TEAM. macam tak percaye sy under biro academic.seyes. sy lebih berminat nk join Raihan, biro economy, tapi raihan tak mengajak sy pun masuk under die walaupun sudah berkali2 sy myatakn hasrat untuk menjadi ajk bawahan nye. biro academic di university alex adalah under anas mohd asis dan timbalan nye sarah mohd rashid. anas,kitorang punye bos tue sgt la active. macam2 die fikir untuk memantapkn academic student2 di University alex nie. dlm perjumpaan td ade 4 kempen y die bentangkn. oke,empat2 tu kitorang kene buat.

slah satu dr nye ialah..KEMPEN JOM KE KULIAH!! objective kempen ini adalah untuk memastikn sifar ponteng.n spaya palajar2 lebey membiasakn diri untuk tidak lewat ke kuliah,eh same cam frz nye resolution je.. dan sy di pertanggungjawab kn untuk mempromote kempen ini kepada pelajar2 laen. (n that is why im posting bout it here,
pelajar2 alex u, pliz take note.the campaign will start soon.)

bile melihat semangat anas y berkobar2 tue, mengingatkn sy kepada fatimah, kawan sekelas sy y kini belajar di UM. die mempunyai persamaan dengan anas, iaitu bersemangat menjalankn activity luar y sy gelarkn aktivity kemasyarakatan. tak ramai pelajar2 y sanggup berkorban mase belajar demi memikirkn pekara2 laen y di luar subjek. selaen itu anas juga berani menyuarakn idea nye, tak sume org mampu or dlm perkataan laen berani menyuarakn apa y mereka fikirakn.but i noticed tgn die bgetar2 jugak,but still die trus je mendoakn Anas sentiasa diberkati ALLAH.(anas,i bukn nk bodek u taW).

er,maaf sebab mengambil mase awak2 sume membace entry sy. oh ye. terima kaseh jugak sy ucapkn.

perut sy kurang selesa mlm ini. erm, konon2 tak nk mkn bnyak. ampes betul..erm mcm mane Mr.Virusboleh mkn tgh hari je, n tak mkn mlm. tak lapa ek?? btw,manusia mmg suke myalahkn org laen dari pada meyalahkn diri sendiri, logiknye manusia buat mcm tu supaya hati nye lebey tenang, oleh itu sy di sini nk myalahkn mereka2 y masak dgn sedap hingga
menyebabkn sy mkn dgn bnyaknya..Iman y msk daging black pepper untuk dinner, Nawwar y msk makarona+mushroom+sotong, ina y masak ruz bi laban ( egyptian food,nme laen nye nasi dgn susu) sy cayunk mereka!

oh ye..nik ponteng meeting!! buzy bli tiket blik msia ye??
atie pun tak nmpak kt meeting td. ona kte atie tak sihat. sedey pasal ikn gapi lagi ek.tak smpat nk jumpe atie. fariez pun sedey jugak.

March 01, 2008

starting a new sem.

my new resolution for this 4th sem is as simple as this 4 words ;COME EARLY TO CLASs. Apparently, it is not that simple to be accomplish,isnt it?? if it is.. why there r still students come late to the class?even on their very first day of the sem, like today. tertido, bgun lewat, takde train. those r the most popular reasons. erm, long a ago, last year actually, i feel coming early/late to class is a matter of individual conscience. some may feel guilty for commit it,and the other some may feel NOTHING. but after been punished by kak Huda because being late, had changed my mind set. wanna noe wut kak huda asked us to do??

sape datang lambat 5 kne dende.. sile istifar 3 kali. yang lebey 5 minit istifar 5 kali.

and that was the turning point. she make it clear that,in actual fact, u came late, indeed, u commit a sin.anyway, in real life, i did come early to any events and even try to be earlier, but (reasons) still i always come late.human is not perfect rite, so do i.

okie,here the story for today. i was not late,but almost. im rushing to class and was unlucky to enter a wrong class. As soon as i open the door, i noticed that Dr Nagwa was there, at the blackboard with Nik Arif who was writing something on the board.da start ek klass. i thought class start at 11. i have another 2 minutes. Dr Nagwa shout angrily, how come u can be this late? i gave her a flash smile, and quickly went out of that class pretending nerveless. tapi sebenarnye..euw~malu tahap dewa.

i wanna apprise here that, kwn2, jom datang lecture awal!! annoying tau klu kite msuk lecture hall time lecture da start.let think bout lecturer feeling. mesti kecewa je klu kite datang lmbt n if mood lecterer tue tak baek, mmg nk kne jerkah la.. mcm frz kne pagi tadi ngn Dr nagwa.

"Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia kerugian..
Melainkan yang beriman dan yang beramal soleh.."