March 27, 2009

He break my HEART

I know it well, what he's saying it just for my own sake.
I know that he cares for me so much.
If not, he would not asked me to come and meet him every Thursday evening.

(lol),thought it's another drama from me? indeed it is.;P

actually I'm talking about Dr Mahmoud.
He knows that i love those caffeine very much,
any kind of them,coffee, latte, mocha.
I told him, previously, on our 1st meeting.
but today, he insist me to stop drinking it for my whole life.
u know,he always being a good doctor, spoke nicely, like a father used to be,
but then when he gives that order, i spontaneously give a face, a sad one.
but he doesn't seem to be effected.and continue by saying
"or else, you'll burn your stomach"
i was like..tak best langsung.what a life would it be without caffeine?

well, i can't deny that a part of me is actually happy by the fact that I'm now free from those freaking drugs. No more Ranitidine that give unexplained headache.( i better search for the reasons,you may share if u know) No more Nexium(Esomeprazole) !this is much relieving. It cost me 80 egyption pounds for only two weeks! and not to mention Mosapride, another 40 L.E.
yeah,no more worrying bout being into drugs toxicity.( i strictly follow the doctor instruction,there's suppose to be no drugs toxicity. it's just freaky me with over cautious about it)

To my certain knowledge drugs, basically any drugs.. they have a magic action on relieving any disease that they are concern to, but in the very same time we have to pay for it.(Nothing is free man...)yes..we've to face the drugs side effects.

ever heard bout the wealth is health?
Lose it for a while, then you'll know how priceless it is.

let's lead a healthy life style!!
1.say no to junkies. what the purpose of lunch box anyway? well.avoid over eating.
3.less caffeine.(caffeine is hell to the liver? 'o' )
4.erm..what else..erm..
5.a big NO for smoking ;P
6.perhaps a regular exercise?
7.erm..sleep well! :) not in excess

okie.gtg!need to study pharmacology.
"Where 's your UPPER BOX?!!!!!"

March 17, 2009

Pic : Of most sexy me.

it's actualy a picture from the Sixth folder and the sixth picture.
obviously, the tittle is just an intention of bringing you to my blog :)

it was like ages since the last i answer to any tagged.

thanks god I've no practical class yet, which actually means i have extra times for evening nap tag thingy.

so Aklina, here's mine 6th of 6th.

It was a day before Yus's flight to Malaysia for summer break last year.
In the pic was Kak Fatin who has been my housemate for almost 3 years and perhaps for another 3 years ahead.
Kak fatin n i was having bad luck that year cause our flight was a bit late than others well, actually a week late T. T It was no fun at all.Indeed,i felt really devastated living alone waitin the time to tick till the day i can finally leave off to my country.

Anyway, on that day, Yus asked us to be her companion on her last shopping.
We planned to go to San Stefano, it's the nearest shopping mall after all. As what we've planned, after Asar prayer we went to Yus 's House. As soon we reached there, i asked kak fatin to ring the doorbell cause i felt like exploring the place(i went upstair ).The doorbell gave a very loud noise piercing the silence there which i can heard it from the upstair . But no one anserwed.Yus might had falled asleep i guess.but after a severel times ringing the bell, i doubted it.(takkn la tak sedar2 kot).so 2nd guess : perhaps she was praying.So we decided to wait for another 5 minutes before we hello her.

the 5 minutes had eventually past, without us notice about it. we were busy capturing the moment.

And this is one of the pic.

Finally after the long waiting, Yus called me, and said that she is waiting for us at Raihanalia's house. sigh~

so, Now i'm going to tag this 6 lucky person :
Nana, Nani , Zilzal, Sya kls4 ,DelY ABC , Erin ABC.

just follow the instruction, and do inform me after u done it kay.

Things to do:
1.go to your Photo Folder.
2.go to the 6th Folder.
3.Pick the 6th photo.
4.Put in your blog, and description of it
5.Tagged 6 people.(if u like to)

I'm done.It's your turn now! Have Fun.

March 08, 2009

Alex juara Basketball


Fariez : nape mansoura hantar dua team?

J: sebab diorang tuan rumah.

Fariez: serius ke J? (dlm hati :pandai2 je J ni wat cte)

J : la betul la.mmg mmg macam tu.

Fariez: huh? (dlm hati: taun depan klu buat karnival sukan kt Alex...erm...hehehe gelak jahat)

March 05, 2009

The end of the 5th sem.

mari senyum :D. (senyum itu kan sedekah?)

1.Frz senyum tande gembira. Exam da berakhir, kini cuti pun bermula!

2.Frz senyum dgn puas hati,why?because finally ICDL is over.tak perlu lagi buang mase menunggu.(duh, hate it! sgt buang mase.percaya lah )

3.esok pagi-pagi kami akan berangkat ke Mansurah 5.30 pagi, ade karnival sukan. i can't wait.ade 3 acara y Frz masuk.

4.Iman, roomate Frz da bertolak ke Spain. Sy kini memiliki bilik ini sepenuhnya.hehe.

5.Akhirnya,sempat jugak Frz tgk (Malaysian Dreamgirl) MDG season 2. It's still early for me to give any comment bout MDG 2, but if i have to compare between MDG 1 n MDG 2, i'll say the later is not that appealing.


6.Musim bunga da mula. :) papai winter.

7.Abaikan banner holiday Frz kat header atas tu.(it does look ugly, i know)
Size tak betul. tp Frz malas nk betulkan.Buat pun cepat2 sebab nk ganti Exam punye header.

8.esok tak sempat nk call mak la nmpak nye.

9. A new love story is now begin...

10.A new love story is now begin?? cam tak percaye. ntah.tak tahu la.

[slmt malam semua! Fariez kne tdo awal. esok nak bgun awal ni .Iman takde nk kjutkan.]

March 03, 2009

Those Girls that i miss.

missing my girls. :(
(not in pic :nanad,nida,zezeq,erin)
n mind me upload this pic nani.u look cute kn.ehehe