May 31, 2012

Do you suffer from white coat phobia ?

Alang-alang baru lepas menaip essay EILTS & dalam mood melayan perasaan , elokla ku sambungkan saja menaip dekat blog yang kian sunyi dan terpinggir ni.

Not so recently la, Fariez balik Msia, cuti pendek 2 minggu.Mostly kawan-kawan rapat tahu the reason why Fariez balik Msia. Ada yang tak tahu & assumed frz balik sebab nak kawen.okie itu kelakar. Kalau nk kawen, mesti la i jemput u'olls :D

Anyway, sy balik Malaysia sebab saya ni penakut.Itulah kebenarannya.despite being the oldest sister, who always try hard to portray the characters of a strong grown-up women, I'm sometimes a chicken-hearted. kukuku *bunyik ayam* To visit a doctor (as a patients) never never never my favourite!They scared me like seriously. Ehem, pleaseeeeeeee, this is not a joke, and huwaaaa how could someone make fun of me out it :'( .Sampai hati kan..

Eventually, i'm having a never ending stomach problems since yrs & that's a  major self-conflicts.Saya takut jumpe doc, tapi kalau sy tak jumpe doc sampai bile pn sakit sy tak hilang kan.Kalau sakit sikit-sikit sy tahan jela.Selalunyala, sakit sikit-sikit ni, i either took some pills, or did a force vomitting , paksa diri untuk tidur. #truestory 

if u read my previous post or if u are one of  my dearest friends, u may probably notice that i was diagnosed having a gastritis before, later on the doctors said, no u have GERD take this and that as medications.but still the pain never fades away, later the doc changes his mind he suspected that i have parasites in my stomach.argh, ingtkan budak2 je ade cacing dlm perut sbb suka main pasir.rupenya sy y besar gajah ni pun ade cacing.Funny aite. the doctor mestila lagi tahu kan. so makan jela ubat cacing 3 bulan sekali.

But by time, i'm not only have a phobia towards those doctors, i develop satu perasaan baru terhadap mereka. yup. i hate them. well even more by a visit an another.NONE of them ask me for any further investigation.None of them can see the relation between my abdominal pain with my back pain.Such a pity.If  any of them request for endoscopy they may find my stomach lining is all healthy. i believe i don't need that awful tasted antacid. blergh.

Nak jadi cerita,early this yr during my ward rotation in the Emergency department (ED) i had an attack of an acute abdomen.Doctor kat situ advices for an abdomen ultrasound, and walla! There's a single stone building up in my gall bladder.The puzzle was finally solved . That stone la yang cause now an then troubles to my gastrointestinal systems.

One of my attending doctor cakap, "No, u cannot have a gall stone, U are so thin. U know the 4F ? 
female forty fertile fatty?"  T_T

So, this is a take home message from me, common things are common, but there's always always an exception.

To be continued..

May 14, 2012

why #1

kenapa kalau sedih,kita rasa sakit inside our chest at the heart?
rasa macam kena toreh. if u know what i mean.

anyway, soalan yang takde kena mengena dgn keadaan hidup semasa.
tiba-tiba je terfikir.. sebabnya pagi tadi, ade kelas scars n healing- plastic surgery.
Gambar luka-luka tu sangatla ngeri. rasa ngilu dekat hati tgk gambar-gambar tu..

kenapa dekat hati? Heart just pumping blood and has nothing to do with emotion kan?