November 27, 2009

Drama Swasta

Mase berlalu dgn cepat dua tiga hari ni..
dan dlm mase dua tiga hari ni jugak bnyk bende yang jadi..
Macam drama. Seriously.

Rasa diri tertampar.banyak kali.

eh jap, hidup ni mcm drama?

November 25, 2009

My everyday fear.

I'm wondering, is there any people out there is having the same chronic health problem like me.How they manage it?

The problem that im having is not that serious,well, perhaps that's the only sentence that can push me fowards and make me continue my daily life .It has something to do with my large bowel.despite of only a pretty mild pain,every now and then it gives a feeling of some extent it makes me feels like cutting my abdomen and taking out the bowel stuffs and check what the hell is going in there.sigh~

The 1st month i refered it to a doc, he said it just an inflammation.then he prescribed me some drugs to release the so called inflammation and an analgesic.Thank God,the pain went off with the drugs, but a week later, when i am free from those freaking drugs the pain persist.but it became somewhat milder.

a month later, i went to the same doc again, he asked my complaint ,and he did an ascultation.thats all!.in just less than 1 minutes.not worth for my 70 Egyption pound.He asked nothing bout the nature of the pain.well u know, the one that we learn in class, the type of the pain,duration, severity,bla bla and the list goes on..even if he is a professional enough, can he able to diagnose without listening to the patient? i have no idea. what i know is i hate to see a doc. but anyway, he prescibed me the very same drugs, plus 2 new drugs.One of it is a Broad spectrum Antiprotozoal! He suspect me to have parasite??eeuw!

what ever..

anyway,it is not exactly the pain which intefere my life, but it is my brain which cant stop thinking of it. I barely able to focus on anything.Expecially during class.well, im in Colorectal department right now, studying about everyday class is enough to frighten me! aa.what do u xpect me to feel?

Recently we learned about surgery of stomas, and we had a chance to see some patient with it.Oh my..i dont wanna have that scary thing on my stomach..tolong la.tolong la.tolong la.

Am i too much?yeah, psycho women. (T.T).

incase u dont know what is stoma, im the psycho women with a kind heart had search a pic for you.njoy the pic! anything else bout it,go google it for yourself ok.

anyhoo, this is way differ from the one that we saw in the ward.
the patients that we observed have the same bulging thingy which is an intestine, with inflammation skin all around it and some fecal matter . The Doc that teach us said that the one that we saw was a bad stoma, and he said the surgeons are learning to make a better stoma.what?

November 23, 2009


Tak kisah la majlis tu anjuran, PCI ke, ISMA ke.PERUBATAN ke.
bagi fariez, asalkn Majlis Ilmu, fariz ada masa, frz pergi je.

Ke ade beza sebenarnya??

Untuk Readers y nampak POSTER ni.
ada Org claim, majlis ni adalah anjuran PCI.totally.
tiada kaitan  kne mengena dgn ISMA, atau AMAN PALESTIN.

Poster tu  tak tahu la sape y bg link, salah fariez sbb copy n paste je. (T.T)
Fariez konon2 nak bitau org pasal majlis tu, skali jd mcm ni pulak..
and nmpaknya  fariez bertuah, dapat nasihat baek punye.

"lpas ni jgn copy and paste, amik la tau sedikit sebanyak"

okie. baek boss. :)

untuk pengetahuan incik admin, 
bukan link ke blog. itu link gambar. 

ha! siapa y letak link ROADSHOW AMAN-PALESTIN kt blog fariez?
(IP no 49.196) baek ngaku..buat pengetahuan awak, majlis ni takde kene megena dgn ISMA atau AMAN PALESTIN.harap maklum.

anyway, terima kaseh sbb letak link kt blog frz, even admin kate tu poster lame  ke ape ke. tak kesah la... frz tau niat die nk bitau org ramai psl majlis tu..same la mcm frz jugak.hee

Semoga tak timbul fitnah dan buruk sangka. 

November 19, 2009


A term that being trown so often. especially during exam week.
Skng belum exam week, dah stress? apa kes??

Macam mane tak stress, boleh suka-suka maen farmville.
Lectures bertimbun2 tak revise.sigh~ (T.T)'

source of stress: unable to prioritize your own task

Okie.lets fess it. I tend to do the unimportance stuff first.Perhaps bcause it is easier,yup,Farmville such an easy game.In the end, the lectures which is way important still left undone. and I stressed out!

Prioritize your Task

I guess, that is exactly what i should do.MAKE A PRIORITY LIST!

people said that, the 1st way to solve your problem is to figure it out.
i've done it. :)

p/s:Kalau stress mcm mana pun, jgn smpai nk bunuh diri.
Ngeri kot. kes bunuh diri. (klik2)

identify it.face it.control it

November 18, 2009

Roadshow Aman Palestin

November 15, 2009

kenangan manis yang menghilang

 i just can bear this kind of makes me feel ill.
and im trying so hard to forget you,anythin bout ya,
which i dont want to.paham tak?

can u please. try to contact me.and say that u miss me too?
dont try to make an excuse by saying. u r busy or something.
i donwanna hear that.


ke org y da kawen mmg busy??

November 13, 2009

langit tak selalu cerah

kalau pun cerah, belum tentu hujan tak turun..
waktu matahari tegak atas kepala, bukan penghalang untuk hujan turun
Hujan panas name nye :)


Pagi tadi kak fatin ajak fariez pegi picnik.fariez y mula2 keberatan nak join, akhirnya tukar fikiran, cepat2 mndi dan bersiap.jerit sama kak fatin. "fariez ikut!!!!!!"nasib baek je frz ikut, kalau tak, duk la rumah sorang2.
Nawwar takde, balik kg. Ona n Sarah ade kls bhs arab. Iman ikut k ftin pegi picnik.

Rupa-rupanya, Klassmate k fatin da plan nk celebrate birthday kak fatin.Suprise la.Usha mereka berjaya,kak fatin mmg tak tahu.

muke terkejut kak ftin, waktu Sha keluarkan kek .

Gembira frz tgk kak ftin gembira :)

Ape kene mengena ngn tittle?
Sebenarnye, hari ni cuaca cerah, matahari megah memancar, a perfect time for a picnik. tp tgh2 panas tu hujan boleh pulak turun. Bende tu buat frz terpikir.

subhanallah, cantek betul awan pg tadi.

Pasal pepatah melayu,Sediakan payung sebelum hujan. he. (ade kene mengena ke huh?tak tahu la, just my thought)

Sepanjang berjalan balik tu, macam2 fariez pikir, mula2 pasal langit tak selalu cerah. semua org pun sedar bende ni kan, dlm hidup ni, takde nye nak senang/gembira sentiasa.

pastu pikir pasal, payung.. kenela bersiap sedia dlm hidup ni nak terima ujian.

pastu bnyak benda lagi.. akhir sekali boleh pulak msuk pasal tanggungjawab.erm...

and bile malam, ade org tnya frz "sanggup ke nak terima tanggungjawab ni, nak bersusah senang sama2"
buat frz berfikir lagi....

happy faces.

Sekian.Terima kasih.

November 08, 2009

turning 23

How does it feel when turning 23 years old?
i asked her, and she was speechless.stone for a seconds,
she gave me a warm smile and said nothing.

i wonder what was in her mind.

Sanah Helwa Kak Fatin!
She is turning 23!!

Rountinely, we will have a dinner outside to celebrate birthdays.But starting this semester we decide to make a new policy.Instead of eating outsite ,we are going to cook together at home.
Yup,save the money and time saver!And it's FUN. :)

and the menu was.tada~ SOTO!

with blackberry cheesecake.fattylicious. hee :)

other thing that happened today....
a short meeting with vice dean.

as Fazila said "menanam tebu di pinggir bibir"
i just have to agree.

November 01, 2009

Hinakah bersama perubatan

eh, mcm penah bace je post entry tittle mcm ni??

It was originally a tittle of an entry of H.A .I must said that the tittle was like having a kind of power,that say to me" u just have to click",so i did gave it a clik. Oh pasal persatuan rupanya. Ahli atau persatuan itu sendiri harus di persalahkan?yup,it's something like that.

okie fariez is not going to point out who is there to be blamed.

but,one thing for sure , i'm never against PERUBATAN, frz selalu sokong je :) and i wish i could join all the events that's held by PERUBATAN. but somehow, most of the programs was held at a time where we, alex student got a class,got an exam,or sth (this issue was so yesterday kn ) but seriously, if i has a chance , i would not hesitate to spent my time for the programs. (i said : most. NOT ALL was held at inappropriate time )

some who are unable to join the program because they were having other program which held by ISMA, PMRM, or pape je, i think they have the right to choose which program to go.which one they prefer.I'm sure they choose a program which is time worthing ,a program that suit them at the most and ect.whateva the factors, they have their own right.

okie to the next point.I have a blog, and i'm one of perubatan member, why is that i'm so reluctant to put the Perubatan link in this blog?okay, that's my fault.for not supporting the Perubatan in that way. the very 1st time i went to this website,honestly, i was amazed by the admin or whoever behind that was very well built.i even thought that perubatan had hired someone to make that blog.i went to the blog, not that often,but at least once a was 3 yrs ago.

later on, after a year, more or less, i dont have that enthusiasm to enter the website anymore.i even forget my username n password. kenape ntah?( i wonder is there anyone has the same feeling.and had done the same thing similar to me) ooh,da igt,sbb apa frz da jrg g sana. sebab i dont feel like im a part of it.(i know, despite of me, there are hundreds people who frequently visit that blog, it just me who feel that way)

erm, next point. sila lihat komuniti perubatan. ( eh, my blog is listed there also.T.T)"Lihat satu-satu blog yang ada. Namanya blog budak perubatan tapi artikel berkaitan perubatan cam haram nak ada." and i was like."huh, yeke?"rs macam nak tgk je semua blog satu2, betul eh takde sape2 y cakap pasal medic in their blog?(eh , my blog is listed there also.T.T, i had never blog about medical and stuff??huh)

i cant actually, define the tone of his statement. was it an angry tone (sbb ade perkataan haram) or is it cam lawak2? (okie i'm such a disaster on that, i rather hear people talk, than guessing their tone)

but, anyway.he got a point there,I am a medical student why is that soo hard to talk bout medical in the blog??i got a simple answer for that, it's because, we tend writing/typing the things that we know well about it. and it come out well. like for example, i know well bout my feeling, i tend to write bout it, where i can describe it precisely, and after i done it, it give me a kind of satisfaction.

it goes the same to the other medical student,they are medical student yet prefer to write more bout religious thing. why?? because they just find an ease with it, they know about it well.and by doing that satisfied them.

so , im goin to repeat. he has a point. As a medical student, i shud, at least try to blog more about medical things.okie. next entry will be bout..erm..erm.. "Laparoscopic surgery and open surgery, which one to prefer ;))

oh my, da pnjang frz type.i cant believe i'm actually saying all this.
before i forget, the entry that i was talking bout is here(Hinakah bersama PERUBATAN.