October 31, 2009


eventually die, originally uploaded by Farieza.
I'm such in a melancholic mood.can't figure out why, just not yet.

and i found this in the kitchen, a lil sad rose being thrown away as a rubbish.

it complete my unwell mood.

(and it's raining out side.)

October 29, 2009

one step at a time

Of being 4th year..

where u find tones of new things to learn,
don't get frustrated.
take it slowly. and u'll find it easy.

nak show off gambar ala2 surgeon sbnrnye.lol :P
and currently listening to one step at a time by Jordan Sparks!

October 26, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

Check this out guys! Inspiron 13.

The very 1st time i saw this, my heart skip a beat.
NO. I'm not exaggerating. This is for real!!
And at this moment, if someone, anyone asks me what are my top 5 treat list, and i would say..

1st and foremost : of course this Inspiron 13
2ndly : i think it would be..Inspiron 13.
3rdly : Inspiron 13 please~
4thly : for sure! Inspiron 13!!
5th: NO doubt INSPIRON 13.

A typical woman would crazily want a couch handbag, a guess watch, and wutsoever~ i dont need that!i own a handbag,6 are enough i think :). and a humble swatch. i don't need that luxurious watch.

I'm currently on my 4th year medical school, in which time seem so precious.I would prefer to spend more time with my new bestfriend. yup. meet my newly bestfriend..Books of Surgery

Seriously, I prefer to read those freaking books rather than spending any seconds on shopping extravaganza in Milan, or pampering my self in Hawaii. :) oh my~ not even in my dream! (at this moment )

Anyway, why on earth i'm choosing Inspiron 13??

Well, they are brainy and sexy as well !! Such a bonus! Don't u think so?
They are 3 striking colors that available, which are Alpine White, Obsidian Black and Cherry Red. Red, black, and white are my favourite colour! (i want them badly, any colour will do )

Besides, the look gorgeous with smooth round edges and crisp clean lines, indeed a very neatly designed!

What else? Here are the other features :

It has a Wide Vivid Display,13.3 inches, to be exact. Plus the 16:9 wide screen format
It allows you to be Always connected :Enhanced wireless that supports up to 802.11n connections.

What's more??

Dell™ Webcam Central
Able to add an optional ATI Radeon™ HD 4330 graphics card
Able to hook up to a LCD TV for high-definition cinematic experience.
Portable Power : Delivering 50% more performance ,Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology for multitasking

It's thin and light.Ready to go where ever you go!

Most likely to be my new laptop!

What you say?? Don't you feel like grabbing this??
If you are planning to get a Dell Inspiron 13, woot! This is a good news for you!

There is a special coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 from Dell that would allow anyone who makes purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption in Malaysia!! This promotion is only available online or by calling at 1800-88-0301. This coupon code expires on 5 Nov 2009.

October 21, 2009

Antara dua

wishing for miracles to come or always expecting something to be worst?

wishing for miracle : "Ya ALLAH, mintak2 la presentation, debate and sume2 bende alah ni cancel" and..tada~~ Dr Yaseer had cancelled the class. die tak dtg pun. hee Apsal ntah fariez happy sgt. erm maybe sbb..ala u know, bende yang kita rs takkn jadi, we just hoping for miracle to come and suddenly u were gifted with that.best kan perasaan tu. :))

xpecting the worst : today,while i was on my way to the class, in the taxi, i just said to myself," lil doc, take care of your book" cause i often left my belongings like everywhere. (and that's why i heart bag pack, or large handbag.where u can just dush2! put all your thingy in there,and your hands are totally free) soo.. so, fariez tak tertinggal buku dlm taxi. yeah! but i lost it anyway.(pekerja hospital tu terambil). lawak tak..he :))

i was expecting something worst, and it happened. cesss.

so which one to choose?

anyhow, even i lost my book, i know i'll never lose my friends.ngee.

terima kasih ye kawan2. xpecially Ona. alahai. u touched my heart la.and jojie jugak..dayah jgak. sarah jugak. zilzal jugak. (konon2 tak nk mentions all the names, tp da tertype) eh tertinggal, aimi jugak.hahaha tambah satu lg name, INA jugak.

okie da~

October 19, 2009

Surgical Management of Portal Hypertension

korang takde keje ke? nah,ambik! bace ni.

Surgical Management of Portal Hypertension.

jom bace smbil berangan nk jadi surgeon. :)

" Set goals and then make plans to succeed and take action.
Pursuing something we value always makes us happy."

October 16, 2009

Am I ?

i had a dream pagi td, since balik mesir ni 1st time kot frz mimpi.
bahaha.mimpi boyfriend. eh, sy mne ade boyfriend.
mimpi  incik ex-boyfriend.

Am i missing him?huh?

abaikan. abaikan.

p/s : busy la skng.busy ngn study.
isn't that a good excuse for not replying any msges and emails from your friend?

October 09, 2009

Glimpses over the summer break

For my own sake I'll leave Malaysia again. for good and it's a sure! Holidays is finally over, bye2 leisure days, and hye, holla to school hospital! my flight will be tomorrow night!why so soon :( ( times fly quicker when it comes to an end, aren't they?)

My holidays,the nearly-2 months is just only bout 20% out of my school days, but what i say? the small time that i got had given me a small indulgences, and it is just nice.

So randoms things i did over the past holidays : Will be updated soon :) [perhaps after landing in Egypt]


parasitology never my favorite subject!

and I'm not interested in any of those platyhelminthes. Noway.they r not pretty,they cause disease, some cause a very serious one,and they cause me to remember all those freaking stuff bout them.huh. okie in short i used to hate them.

but today, guess what? i think i had fallen to one of those platyhelminthes.haha.line the older has always remind us, to hate anyone never hate them too much, cause we might fallen to them.now that i fallen to a worm.

what? a worm??yes u read it well.i love flatworm!

this kind of flatworm, are in same family with cestode, trematode, but they are way differ.(4th years student,i bet u know cestode n trematode well aren't you :) .they live a life away from human GIT,they live in deep clear sea.When they swim to feed on plankton, OMG they look exactly like a ribbon in water.

oo i forgot to tell,they have fascinating color.i think they resemble butterfly flying all over the coral showing their beutiness. believe me they are very the gorgeous one you know.and that's why i love them. hehehe.

more about them?ask MR G. ask him anything, he can give u a hand.

now,introducing Flatworm!(lets appreciate their prettiness) njoy the picca!

More pic marine faltworm gallery, and flickr.

October 06, 2009

Tips for clinical year_Kak Raudah


    Dear Fariez,

    Actually akak sendiri pun x de la sebarang 'formula' untuk clinical year ni, cuma seingat akk yg penting utk clinical year ni bukan setakat kene banyak baca, tapi juga perlu banyak observation (especially di hospital, masa clinical sessions)

    Amat penting awak beri attention sepenuhnya bila doctor demonstrate teknik2 tertentu utk examine patients, sbb kalau setakat baca dalam buku belum tentu kita tau cara untuk examine (cth: cara palpation dan percussion yg betul, etc)

    Satu lg, kalau boleh, hafal semua 'item' kt dalam sample sheet. Sbb nnt bila clinical exam kita kene present case, dan kalau x hafal sheet items, presentation kita takkan lengkap. Satu lagi, banyakkan baca 'differential diagnosis'! Sangat penting..

    Satu cadangan akk, awak rajin2 bukak youtube dan tengok demonstrations yg ada kt situ (cth : ABG, paracentesis, plural tap, etc) sbb banyak teknik2 yg mcm ni kita x dpt tengok di hospital.

    Lastly, rajin2 lah stay back kt hospital bila ada masa. Sbb lebih banyak masa awak spend kt situ, lebih banyak bende yg awak dpt observe.

    All the best and rabbuna yusahhil!


    "syukran kak raudah,"

    October 05, 2009


    it's the voice. it's the feeling. it's the attitude towards both.
    it's somehow feel like being in love.again.
    it's a lot of things that i need to be aware of.
    and not to be out of control.not to be out of head.

    truly from heart,